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Post Weight Loss Surgery Before & After Photos

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Before Case 381 After

Post Weight Loss Surgery
This is a 50 year old female post gastric sleeve surgery who lost 165 pounds.  She has been stabilized at her weight of 135 for many months and i... more

Before Case 48 After

Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck), Fleur-di-Lis Abdominoplasty, Post Weight Loss Surgery
This 43-year-old female came to see Dr. Kerr wanting to transform her abdomen following post-bariatric weight loss surgery. After having her... more

Before Case 40 After

Arm Lift (Brachioplasty), Post Weight Loss Surgery
This 46-year-old female came to see Dr. Kerr after she underwent bariatric surgery and lost more than 100 lbs. After loosing all this w... more

Before Case 465 After

Post Weight Loss Surgery
This 52-year-old female came to Dr. Kerr wanting to transform her abdomen and breasts following post-bariatric weight loss surgery.  After l... more

Before Case 214 After

Post Weight Loss Surgery
This patient came to see Dr. Kerr after an post-bariatric surgery.  She had undergone a prior abdominoplasty but was not happy with the results.D... more

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