Botched Botox: Can it Be Fixed & How to Prevent It

Whether it’s your first-time undergoing Botox, or you attend your 3-month follow-up’s religiously – it is imperative to ensure that you are being injected by a knowledgeable and experienced provider.

Regardless of our history or experience with Botox, when you undergo a Botox procedure, or any cosmetic treatment for that matter, we expect to come out of your appointment looking like a better or younger version of ourselves! When your results are not everything you’d hoped for, however, it is understandable that you would seek a solution to improve your appearance – or maybe even undo your treatment entirely.

This leads to an important question – what can you do to fix a botched injectable treatment? Or, more importantly, is there any way to prevent being unhappy with your results in the first place?

Choosing A Provider

It is considerably easier to minimize your risk of poor results from the get-go than it is to fix botched Botox once it happens. If you haven’t yet chosen a Botox provider or if you’re seeking a second opinion, it is always advisable to do your research beforehand.

Your Botox provider should work directly under a physician and have extensive training and experience performing these injections. Botox should always be performed by a trained professional in a sterile environment. Furthermore, it is imperative to schedule a consultation before committing to working with a provider you’ve never met before! This not only gives you a chance to discuss your goals and the details of your treatment, but it also gives you an opportunity to assess the facility and note any red flags ahead of time.

Some red flags to look for in a questionable Botox injector include:

• The provider specializes in something else

Some dentists or other medical professionals have begun offering Botox injections. However, Botox requires technical skill and an aesthetic eye, both of which come from years of training and experience. At Synergy Plastic Surgery, our Medspa is equipped with midlevel providers with a license to provide care to patients, such as Registered Nurses (RN) or Physician Associates/Assistants (PA). Furthermore, our staff has dozens of collective training and experience and, most importantly, they are overseen by a licensed and trained physician at all times.

• The price seems too good to be true

Don’t bargain shop for Botox. Some fraudulent providers may advertise an amazing deal just to get you in the door. These “deals” can lead to dissatisfaction at best and could leave you with serious complications at worst.

What causes “botched” Botox?

When administered by a highly trained and skilled professional, Botox most often results in a smooth, natural appearance. However, when it is not performed properly, Botox can result in a “frozen” or faux look. The most common causes of botched Botox are:

• Improper injection techniques

Many unskilled injectors make the mistake of injecting Botox too deeply or too superficially into the skin. It is imperative to examine a provider’s extent of training and experience. You can find more details about Synergy Plastic Surgery’s qualified injector’s trainings, certifications, and Master Injector trainings here! It’s this level of knowledge, understanding, and experience that can make all the difference in your results!

• Improper placement

A skilled provider has excellent knowledge of intricate facial anatomy and therefore understands precisely where to place each unit of Botox to achieve the desired result! An unskilled injector may place the product into the wrong muscle or area of the face altogether. Botox is mostly used from the cheekbones to the upper portions of the face for best results. Along with examining your providers level of training, it is also advised to analyze their previous work and before and after pictures. Previous cases of Botox injections can prove knowledge of proper technique and placement.

• Lack of clear communication

In some cases, poor communication between the provider and client can lead to dissatisfaction with the result. Be sure your Botox provider takes the time to listen to your goals and develop a customized treatment plan prior to beginning any injections.

Can bad Botox be reversed?

While the Botox that was already injected cannot be “uninjected” after the fact, a skilled injector may be able to strategically add more Botox or dermal fillers to other areas of your face to create a more symmetrical and balanced appearance. However, if the problem is that too much Botox was used in the first place and you are left with a “frozen” or unnatural appearance as a result – you may, unfortunately, need to wait until the product wears away on its own.

It can take 3 to 6 months for Botox results to fade away completely. It is always best to consult with a Medspa overseen by a licensed and trained physician.

Hyaluronic acid fillers, on the other hand, can be dissolved before breaking down themselves, so these could be a good option if you’ve never had anti-aging injections before and aren’t sure if you’re going to love the results.

If you are experiencing serious side effects following any injectable treatment, such as dizziness, shortness of breath or double vision, contact your medical provider right away.

If you need a second opinion for a Medspa procedure, or are moving forward with your first treatment,
Synergy Plastic Surgery is equipped with experienced and trained medical staff, operating under the
supervision of our board-certified plastic surgeons.

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