Does the mirror reflect the vibrant image you have of yourself? If it doesn’t, you’re not alone. Wrinkles, creases, and sagging skin make many people look older than they feel. At Synergy Plastic Surgery, our board-certified plastic surgeons offer facelift surgery in Austin, Round Rock, and West Lake Hills to help women and men throughout Texas renew their appearance and improve their self-confidence. We specialize in cosmetic surgery and use modern surgical techniques to soften the effects of time while preserving your unique, natural beauty.

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This 55-year-old woman came to see our doctors with a desire to rejuvenate her face and attain a more refreshed and youthful appearance. She had developed sun damage, drooping neck skin, and a loss of cheek fullness. Like many patients from Austin, Texas and surrounding areas like Lakeway, Bee Caves, and Georgetown, she was interested in face... Read More
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This 58-year-old woman came to see our doctors with a desire to rejuvenate her face and attain a more refreshed and youthful appearance. She had developed sun damage, drooping neck skin, and a loss of cheek fullness. Like many patients from Austin, Texas and surrounding areas like Lakeway, Bee Caves, and Georgetown, she was interested in face... Read More
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This 62-year-old female was interested in facial rejuvenation. She was unhappy with the deep wrinkles and lines on her face, and wanted a facelift and neck lift to give her a natural and refreshed appearance. Her face and neck skin was making her appear much older than she was.After meeting with the doctor during her complimentary cons... Read More
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 If you're interested in finding out what results are possible for you, request a complimentary consultation online below, or call our Austin area plastic surgery office at (512) 244-1444. Our doctors provide facial plastic surgery including blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), facelifts, rhinoplasty, and brow lifts (including endosco... Read More
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This 63-year-old woman came to see our doctors with a desire to rejuvenate her face and attain a more refreshed and youthful appearance. She had developed sun damage, drooping neck skin, and a loss of cheek fullness. Like many patients from Austin, Texas and surrounding areas like Lakeway, Bee Caves, and Georgetown, she was interested in fac... Read More

Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

Benefits of a Facelift

Women and men (usually between the ages of 40 and 70) choose facelift surgery for lasting facial rejuvenation. Our plastic surgeons perform these procedures to give their patients a variety of improvements, including:

  • Restoring a firm look to the cheeks
  • Softening wrinkles and creases on the face and neck
  • Sculpting the jawline
  • Correcting a double chin

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Don’t let the upfront cost put your dreams on pause! Many Synergy patients achieve their ideal look with the help of patient financing. Discover flexible repayment plans that fit your budget by visiting our Financing page.

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How Much Does a Facelift or Mini Facelift Cost in Austin?

The cost for facelift and mini facelift procedures varies with the complexity of the procedure, the addition of complementary procedures, and other factors. Because each facelift is personalized to the individual needs, goals, and facial anatomy of each patient, there isn’t a set price for this procedure. Our related blog post includes more details about the factors that influence the cost of facelift surgery in Austin.

Once you and your surgeon understand the particulars of your procedure, you will be provided with a written quote during your consultation. For more information, visit our Pricing page.

Meet OurSurgical Team

Meet OurSurgical Team

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Can a Facelift Be Combined With Other Procedures?

When it comes to facial plastic surgery, natural-looking results are a must. For most people, aging is not limited to the lower face. Our doctors often combine facelift surgery with other facial surgery procedures to provide the same caliber of rejuvenation for the whole face. These are some of the most common:

Your surgeon will take the time to thoroughly review your options during your consultation and help you develop realistic expectations for your outcome.

How Is a Facelift Performed?

Our doctors perform facelift surgery in a certified operating room, either as an outpatient procedure or with an optional overnight stay. You will be put under general anesthesia, so you will wake up when your procedure is complete.

During the surgery, your doctor places incisions in an area that’s concealed within the hairline and in natural creases of the face along the front of the ear. He then carefully lifts the skin and repositions the underlying sagging facial muscles and tissue. In many cases, our doctors replace lost volume with fat grafting during a facelift, as well. The outer skin is then re-draped over the rejuvenated facial structures before the excess is trimmed away.

For more information on the techniques our doctors use to ensure natural-looking results, check out this RealSelf video.

Facelift Videos

Facelift Recovery & Results

After surgery, you will need an adult to drive you home and help you out for at least the first 24 hours. For most facelift patients, discomfort is minimal and may be controlled with prescription medication as necessary.

To minimize swelling and bruising, be sure to keep your head elevated for the first few days after surgery, even while sleeping. Swelling typically peaks at around 4 days and then gradually dissipates. It is normal for your face and neck to feel tight for approximately the first week.

After about 2 weeks, you’ll likely be ready to see friends and family. At this point, residual bruising can usually be covered with makeup.

Most patients are ready to resume light activity within 10 to 14 days. Strenuous exercise should be avoided for at least the first month following a facelift. It is common to experience mild numbness during the healing process, as well.

Review our postoperative instructions to learn more about what to expect after your facelift.

Will My Facelift Results Be Obvious?

No. Outdated techniques used for facelift surgery often relied heavily on stretching and tightening skin, which eliminated wrinkles but also created an unnatural, “windblown” appearance. Today’s methods focus more on deeper structural changes that actually improve the position and quality of facial muscles for a more comprehensive, long-lasting result. This approach, coupled with very discreet scars that can usually be hidden within the hairline, make the results of today’s facelift surgery extremely subtle and quite natural-looking. You won’t be completely transformed — you’ll simply look like a younger version of yourself.

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Are There Nonsurgical Alternatives to a Facelift?

While only facelift surgery can deliver facelift-caliber results, other forms of facial rejuvenation can postpone the need for surgery. For example, BOTOX® Cosmetic and dermal fillers can ease the appearance of lines and wrinkles with what is called a “liquid facelift.” Some fillers can also add volume for a subtle “lifted” appearance, and CoolSculpting® with the CoolMini applicator can reduce a double chin without surgery. Additionally, laser skin rejuvenation with Halo® hybrid fractional laser skin resurfacing or a Contour TRL treatment can address uneven skin and fine lines. When strategically administered, these services can yield impressive improvements.

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Common Facelift Questions

What is a mini facelift? Is it right for me?

Our doctors perform a minimally invasive MACS facelift for younger patients who share a few common qualities:

  • Only early signs of aging
  • No need for neck lift surgery   
  • Good skin elasticity

This procedure, which may postpone the need for a complete facelift, involves smaller incisions and reduced downtime.

What’s the best age for facelift surgery?

There isn’t necessarily a definitive “best” age for facelift surgery, as everyone shows signs of aging at their own rate. Some people opt for a facelift as early as their 40s, while others wait until their 70s. The best time for you to consider a facelift is when you begin experiencing signs of lower facial aging that cannot be effectively treated with nonsurgical options. If you aren’t sure whether you are ready, a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon is an excellent place to start. 

How much younger will I look after surgery?

This varies from person to person, but you can generally expect to look about 10 years younger after a facelift. Our surgeons often tell people a facelift turns back the clock by about a decade, although your experience may differ. 

How painful is this procedure?

Facelift surgery itself isn’t painful as you are comfortably under general anesthesia from start to finish. However, it is normal to experience some soreness during the first week or two of recovery. To manage this discomfort, our surgeons prescribe pain medication you can pick up ahead of time. Most people can comfortably transition to over-the-counter painkillers after a week or so. 

Are you ready to find out more about lasting facial rejuvenation with a facelift? Request a consultation online with one of our board-certified plastic surgeons or call our office in Austin, Round Rock, or West Lake Hills, TX, at  (512) 244-1439.