Breast Revision: No, It’s Not More Painful

Perhaps more than other medical specialties, plastic surgery is rife with myths and misinformation that spread like baseless rumors. Breast revision patients at my Austin, TX practice know that this procedure is certainly no exception to the rule. Have you heard, for example, that breast revision is even more painful than your breast augmentation surgery was? Let’s clear up a few things.


For many patients, recuperation after breast revision is actually faster and more comfortable than after the primary breast augmentation surgery. This is mostly because your body has already adapted and made space for breast implants after your first surgery, so there’s no need for an acclimation period the second time around.

Secondary revision patients also know firsthand what to expect, making them better equipped for the recovery, which may also contribute to the perception of improved comfort.


For some women, breast revision is necessary because their implants have lost their structural integrity after so many years (they’re not designed to last a lifetime). For others, breast revision is necessary to correct unacceptable results, and it’s something they research begrudgingly.

Either way, breast revision is a great time to get the experience — and the results — you wanted and deserved in the first place. That may also mean reconsidering some of the decisions you made the first time around. You’re free to switch up the details, from the size and placement of your implants to your choice of surgeon.

During your breast revision consultation, expect a thorough discussion of your goals, as well as a physical examination of your breasts to pinpoint your primary complaints and determine what’s possible. When I see breast revision patients, I’m careful to walk them through each element of their surgeries to give them a clear understanding of how we’ll proceed.

Even more than other procedures, breast revision demands the skills of a highly experienced surgeon for breast revision. It’s a complex surgery that requires quick thinking, and it’s often more technically challenging than primary augmentation. That’s why it’s absolutely vital to choose a board-certified plastic surgeon, especially one who demonstrates expertise with breast enhancement and revisionary procedures.

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