Uneven Breasts? Breast Augmentation Can Correct That

Woman putting on a bra while looking in a mirror

Much of our body is based on symmetry and balance. We have 2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 hands, and so on. The human eye is trained to appreciate this harmony and find symmetry beautiful—which is why it can be distracting when body parts such as breasts are uneven. Many women struggle with asymmetrical breasts that are different sizes or shapes. This imbalance often causes image issues, making you feel self-conscious when wearing low-cut tops or form-fitting clothing. 

There’s good news for these women, though: Breast augmentation can help women in Austin, TX, and around the country even out their breasts and feel more comfortable and confident. Having different breast sizes is a perfectly normal issue, but that doesn’t mean the problem can’t be fixed.

Why Breast Size Varies

Bodies come in all shapes and sizes, and the breasts are certainly no different. One study involving more than 300 women found that 90% of the group had asymmetrical breasts. There are many reasons breast size varies, but most issues come down to hormones and genetics. Some women are simply born with one breast slightly larger than the other, while others experience changes after pregnancy or breastfeeding. 

Underlying medical conditions, such as hypoplasia, can sometimes cause uneven, tubular breasts. However, these problems are fairly rare and most asymmetry issues are much less dramatic. 

Fixing Breast Asymmetry

Breast augmentation is one of the best ways to correct uneven breasts. The procedure typically uses implants to give a “boost” to the smaller breast and create a more balanced appearance. Breast implants can be used to fix minimal to moderate asymmetry, and the procedure can be customized to your personal needs. When the difference is significant or involves the breast’s shape or position, breast implants may be combined with a breast lift, removing excess fat and saggy tissue and reshaping or repositioning the breast. 

Exploring Other Techniques

While breast implants are popular solutions, they aren’t the only tool for correcting asymmetrical breasts. If you are satisfied with a smaller cup size, your surgeon may suggest simply removing unwanted tissue from the larger breast.

Fat transfer into the smaller breast is another, more subtle option for those who want natural-looking results. The process involves taking fat deposits from another area (such as the midsection) and using the material to add gentle volume to the smaller breast.

In the end, each woman is unique, and the best way to correct asymmetry depends on the individual. If you’re interested in evening out your breasts with breast implants, ask a board-certified plastic surgeon which option is best for you.

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