Is it time to consider a blepharoplasty?

Your eyes say a lot about you: whether you’re happy, sad, alert or tired— even how old you are. In fact, while the delicate tissues around your eyes are often the first areas to show signs of aging, age is not always a factor in determining if you are a candidate! While blepharoplasty patients can range in age, one thing is for certain: few things can make you look more tired and worn out than droopy lids or under-eye bags.

If you do not like the way your eyelids look and are wondering what treatment is best for you, learn how a blepharoplasty or even Botox and filler can help you.  Because we all have different anatomy and each patient’s concerns are unique, Synergy Plastic Surgery can help you find the best option for your aesthetic goals!

Blepharoplasty Surgery

About 325,112 people had blepharoplasty last year in the United States, making it the second most popular cosmetic procedure for both men and women combined! Blepharoplasty can dramatically change the way your eyes look, and because the recovery time is minimal, it’s a procedure that’s been growing in popularity.

At Synergy Plastic Surgery, our surgeons utilize minimally invasive techniques for blepharoplasty surgery, making it a good choice for most people. The first step in determining if you’re a good candidate for eyelid surgery is understanding what blepharoplasty can do — and how it can address your specific concerns.

Upper lids lose their elasticity as we get older, becoming less responsive and more likely to droop and sag. That means we’re more likely to look tired out, even after a good night’s rest. Upper eyelid surgery eliminates that tired look by getting rid of excess lid tissue and giving you a more “awake” look. It can also help people with severely drooping lids that block part of their vision. Lower eyelids can also start to sag as we get older, revealing more of the whites of the eyes and producing a worn-out look. Many people develop “pouches” or bags under their eyes that make you look like you haven’t had a good night’s sleep in months. Lower lid blepharoplasty gets rid of excess skin and fatty deposits while gently repositioning the lower lid to a natural position. 

Depending on your concerns, you can treat just the upper lids or lower lids or treat both at the same time to eliminate sagging and drooping. The techniques we use help hide the surgical incisions in the lash line or on the underside of the lid, so you won’t have to worry about telltale scars afterwards!

What Blepharoplasty doesn’t treat

Droopy, sagging lids aren’t the only sign of aging that occurs in the eye area. “Crow’s feet” — those tiny lines by the corners of your eyes — and drooping brows can also occur as we get older. While blepharoplasty can’t correct those issues, Botox® injections and an eyebrow lift can.

Botox® works by blocking nerve signals to muscles that cause lines and wrinkles to form when we make facial expressions. Likewise, an eyebrow lift using Botox® gently elevates your brow area to a more natural, more youthful position.

Similarly, dermal filler injections can be injected into the tear troughs to replenish lost volume under the eye, effectively treating undereye bags and dark circles. Botox injections last for around 3 months, while filler lasts around 1-2 years depending on the product and patient.

Best of all, blepharoplasty can be combined with either or both treatments, so you can rejuvenate your entire eye area and regain a more rested, more energized, younger appearance!

Because every patients anatomy and aesthetic goals are unique, our board certified plastic surgeons can help you ultimately determine the best approach for treating heavy upper eyelids whether it be by surgical or non-surgical methods. If you are considering blepharoplasty or injections in the periocular area, schedule your complimentary consultation at Synergy Plastic Surgery, and begin your perfect Synergy Experience today.  

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