Life After Breast Augmentation, Now What?

The hard part is over. You weighed your options, made your plan, and had the surgery. The toughest parts of recovery are behind you, and now you’re ready for the fun part – life with the breasts you’ve always wanted!

But still, you have questions about day-to-day concerns. Here we offer a few answers.

When should you see your surgeon?

After your surgery, your surgeon will need to see you at your 1-day post-op appointment, your 1 week follow up, 1 month follow up, and your 4 month follow up. After your 4 month follow up, your surgeon will probably want to see you every year to touch base, answer questions, and look for any issues with your implants.

In addition, your surgeon should be the first person you call if you notice anything unusual or concerning about your breasts. Even if you aren’t sure the problem is related to your implant, your plastic surgeon should be your first stop! Your surgeon is best to determine if a problem is caused by your implant, and they will be able to refer you for the proper testing if it is not.

What problems should I keep an eye out for?

There are red flags you should watch for and get your surgeon involved if they appear. These include a change in the shape of your breast, rippling, a lump, or hardness around your implant. Anything that seems out of the ordinary should be reported to your surgeon, and you shouldn’t wait until your annual check-up to do so. A ruptured implant, contracting scar tissue, or even a breast lump are better addressed sooner than later.

If you are happy with the appearance of your breasts and none of these issues arise, you can keep your implants for as long as 15 years! Do keep in mind that the same forces that affect natural breasts also affect breasts with implants. Gravity, age, and hormones will impact their appearance over the years. At some point down the road, you may choose to follow up with your surgeon to address those changes, but it isn’t a requirement.

Can I purchase new lingerie now?

Your surgeon will let you know after one of your follow-up visits when it’s time for bra shopping. Due to swelling that you will experience early on, you don’t want to rush this and you don’t want a drawer full of bras that won’t fit you next month. After your surgeon has given you the go ahead, you are ready to get out of the less-than-sexy undergarments you’ve been wearing since surgery.

There is one important point to remember when you shop for new bras. Your breasts are still subject to the same forces of nature that non-augmented breasts are – namely gravity. And now, your breasts are heavier than before, so support those girls!

Your breasts will change as you age, just like the rest of your body however, the more you support them, the better they will be able to resist the effects of time.

Can I get back to the gym?

By about two months after surgery, things will start feeling normal, your swelling will be mostly gone, and surgical pain will be only a memory. You’ll probably want to get to the gym, so the rest of your body looks as great as your breasts — however, listen carefully to your surgeon about how to ease back into exercise. Often, light cardio will be your first exercise, followed by lower body work. Any exercise that works the upper body (namely the pectoral muscles) will be the last you should add to your regimen, as you don’t want to disrupt any healing.

Remember: the period after breast augmentation is the time you need to scrap the “No Pain, No Gain” attitude. Ease into your new routine, building up slowly, follow your surgeon’s advice, and listen to your body.

The first year after breast augmentation surgery is a time of adjustment. It’s natural to want to speed things up, but doing so can cost time, health, and money. Try to remember that breast augmentation isn’t an event that begins and ends in the operating room. It’s a process that takes about a year to complete. Know that following your surgeon’s recommendations is the best path to get the results you want.

If you are considering breast augmentation surgery, schedule your complimentary consultation at Synergy Plastic Surgery to discuss the best options for you!

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