Preventative or Corrective Facial Rejuvenation at Any Age

You might believe that cosmetic surgery is only to reduce significant signs of aging. Although it is true that procedures such as a facelift can greatly improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, advancements in cosmetic treatments have created more options to help you achieve your aesthetic goals at any age!

Life can feel busiest in your twenties and thirties, with many romantic, social, and professional commitments. As such, you may not want to commit to the downtime and recovery period associated with traditional plastic surgeries. Synergy Plastic Surgery offers a range of minimally invasive treatments to correct imperfections and keep you looking young and refreshed!

Treatments for Acne Scars

Spots and pimples are a fact of life for many teenagers, and for some these blemishes may become a thing of the past in your twenties and thirties. Unfortunately, acne, along with scars and pitting from acne, can remain. Feeling less confident because of the texture of your skin or struggling to conceal a rough complexion with makeup is stressful and disheartening.

*After 3 Treatments

Our state of the art Med Spa offers a number of treatments to help reduce the look of acne scars and restore a smooth complexion! Laser therapy is extremely effective at altering skin discoloration and repairing scar tissue. PRP treatments, micro needling and chemical peels are other options to aid skin repair, leaving it looking healthier and plumper. These procedures have minimal downtime and are often completed in as little as an hour!

Injectables and Fillers

Many dermal fillers produce excellent results in reducing signs of aging. These products have additional applications for sculpting the features. Asymmetrical features distract from your overall appearance and may not fade with even the best makeup techniques. You might also feel that your chin lacks definition and your lips are too thin or shapeless, despite your best efforts to enhance these features.

Real Synergy Plastic Surgery Patient

For fuller, plumper lips choose Juvéderm® Ultra injectables. This smooth, gel-like filler adds volume while remaining pliable and natural-looking.

Real Synergy Plastic Surgery Patient

Kybella® injections offer a non-invasive solution to a double chin and undefined jawline. Requiring only a short visit to our clinic, Kybella is an effective alternative to liposuction under the chin!

Regardless of your age, it is never too early to begin preventative facial rejuvenation, or reverse existing skin damage. At Synergy Plastic Surgery, our medical staff offers complimentary consultations to help you reach your aesthetic goals. Schedule your appointment with one of our trained nurse injectors today!

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