The Rise of Social Media in Medicine

Facebook, twitter, yelp, google, four square, yahoo, realself, healthgrades…  The list is seemingly endless of online organizations dedicated to promoting social media exchanges and specifically promoting these interactions with your doctor.  Social media has become part of our lives and as a plastic surgeon it allows my patients to experience our practice to a degree that has never previously been available.  Patients are literally checking in on Facebook before they check in for their appointments!  With Austin being a tech savvy town I have seen a rising trend in the utilization of social media in my practice and amongst my colleagues.

Interactions from existing and new patients are common place in the Facebook and twitter environment.  This almost daily interaction allows fans who follow us to get special discounts and learn about any changes or additions to our practice almost as soon as they happen.  In this regard, social media allows patients to participate with their doctor at a level that in past years was never available.  They can also interact with other patients and our practice and gain insight into pertinent advances in our field.  I often have patients ask about topics we post for discussion and this leads to an overall enhanced patient experience and lets them learn about their treatment in a manner which is quite unique to the social media outlet.

Online reviews are another important part of the social media experience.  Many prospective patients will read through hundreds of reviews before they even meet with us.  This allows them to gain valuable insight into the experience they will have as well as tips and tricks from other patients who have literally waked the same road before them.  Most review websites have grading systems that allow patients to review multiple doctors almost in an instant and pick the ones with the highest grades to review further information on.  In the Austin area online reviews of physicians have become the norm, and any patient can easily see what other patients have had to say when choosing to make an appointment with a prospective healthcare provider.

Websites like realself.com also provide valuable photos and opportunities for patients to have their questions answered by board certified plastic surgeons.  This website also allows patients to interact with one another and leave reviews on their surgeon.  Realself also recognized Dr. Kerr as one of the top social media influencers in cosmetic medicine in 2014.

To learn more about Dr. Kerr or synergy plastic surgery please visit us online or at any of the social media outlets listed in this blog such as www.facebook.com/SynergyPlasticSurgery

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