Corrina’s Breast Reduction & Breast Lift


Before undergoing a breast reduction at Dr. Mahlon Kerr’s Austin plastic surgery practice, Corrina found it difficult to even go for a brisk walk. The weight of her breasts, which she supported with 34G-size bras, put so much physical strain on her body that even walking for exercise was out of the question.

“Now I can jog and run,” says Corrina, who decided it was time for the surgery after breastfeeding her daughter.

“I was always kind of on the fence about having breast surgery,” she says. “But after having my daughter and breastfeeding her, and losing weight, I knew it was time.”

A Comfortable Environment

She knew there were plenty of plastic surgeons in the Austin area, and one of her friends recommended Dr. Kerr.

“When I saw the results of her surgery,” Corrina says, “that reassured me that I should choose Dr. Kerr for my surgery.”

She scheduled a consultation, but she was nervous about meeting with Dr. Kerr.

“It’s a little embarrassing, at least for me. I was self-conscious about going to talk to a doctor about my concerns.”

She says Dr. Kerr helped her feel at ease and was very thorough during the consultation, explaining the procedure in detail and describing exactly what to expect during the recovery period. Corrina says she scheduled a second consultation just to make sure all of her questions were answered.

“Dr. Kerr makes you feel relaxed right away. He knows what he’s doing, but doesn’t speak to patients with a condescending tone.”

Dr. Kerr combined the breast reduction with a breast lift, Corrina says. A breast reduction removes tissue and excess skin, and a lift adjusts the breasts to a higher position. Dr. Kerr also contoured the shape of Corrina’s breasts — now size now 34D — so they looked more youthful.

“I was very satisfied with the results,” she says. “The recovery was fast, and there is minimal scarring.”

Time for a New Wardrobe

Corrina says her breasts were always much larger in proportion to the rest of her body, making it hard to find clothes that fit and looked attractive. Now she can find clothes without shopping in specialty stores. Additionally, the strain that her breasts had put on her neck and shoulders had prompted her to see a chiropractor. Now, those concerns are relieved.

She also continues to go to Dr. Kerr’s practice for other cosmetic procedures, such as laser skin rejuvenation. The staff is very friendly even though they “have seen you at your worst,” Corrina says.

She sees no reason to seek another plastic surgeon.

“One you establish a comfort level with your doctor, it’s good to stay with him.”

Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.