Tanisha’s Tummy Tuck


Tanisha is no stranger to hard work. She graduated college with honors while caring for her newborn son. When she decided she needed to lose weight, not only for herself but for her young son, she put in the dedication to make it happen. Consuming a low-carb, high protein diet, she managed to lose 100 pounds in a year.

And once the weight was gone, Tanisha embarked on a strength training program to get fit. Now she works as a personal trainer and health coach.

Despite all her hard work, the physical transformation wasn’t complete. Excess skin sagged over her waist and she remained self-conscious about her appearance. So, at age 24, she decided to get a tummy tuck at our practice in Austin, TX, to remove 2 inches of skin.

“I’ve never had negative views about plastic surgery,” says Tanisha.” I feel it’s up to each individual to decide if it’s the right thing for her or him. After losing 100 pounds, I believed plastic surgery could help me complete the transformation and be more confident.”

Choosing a Plastic Surgeon

Tanisha put the same kind of effort into finding a plastic surgeon that she did in getting both her undergraduate degree and a Master of Business Administration degree. She read “hundreds of reviews” posted by other patients and watched video testimonials on YouTube, researching each of the surgeons she considered.

In fact, Tanisha initially scheduled her surgery at another practice but started having second thoughts about her choice during the pre-op appointments.

“I finally decided to cancel my scheduled surgery and continue looking for another surgeon when I was called and told that the original date of my surgery would have to be moved because the surgeon double-scheduled for that date,” she says. “It definitely wasn’t a good experience.”

Tanisha ultimately chose to have abdominoplasty with Dr. Lauren Crawford at Synergy after an “amazing” consultation.

“Dr. Crawford was so very kind and encouraging,” she says. “She commended me on my weight loss and made me feel even more confident about my decision to have my loose skin removed.”

Tanisha also appreciated Dr. Crawford’s honesty when she expressed concerns about her age and the effects of getting pregnant again in the near future. It showed her that she was a surgeon who really cared for her patients and their long-term happiness.

The Day Finally Arrives

When the day of the surgery arrived, “I felt very excited,” says Tanisha. “I was very well-rested and prepared. I could not wait to see my results.”

She did have to wait during what she described as a “pretty smooth” recovery process. That included surgical drains (“the hardest part”) during the first few days and swelling.

“Even with the swelling, I immediately knew the surgery was a success,” says Tanisha. “My skin no longer drooped dramatically when I bent over. It was such an amazing relief. I love that even after more than 3 years since the surgery, the results remain so beautiful.”

As someone who enjoys hiking, water activities, and other physically active pursuits, Tanisha loves that she can now feel confident in her body.

“My stomach is flat, and I even have abs. My healthy lifestyle, of course, has helped maximize my results. Dr. Crawford did such an amazing job there’s no other surgeon I would ever use or recommend to my clients. I’m so very grateful for Dr. Crawford and her amazing practice.”

Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.