Celebrity Plastic Surgery: Did They, Didn’t They, or Does It Really Matter?

It seems like each week brings a new celebrity body to scrutinize. If you follow reports from Hollywood, you’ve probably heard the chatter about Kylie Jenner and her possible breast augmentation.

Why do you think we’re so interested in the personal — or plastic — lives of celebrities? Perhaps it’s an attempt to humanize these often larger-than-life figures. It certainly feels better to remind ourselves that they’re normal humans with their own insecurities, just like us. But is it really our business? The patients I’ve seen for breast augmentation and implants here in Austin have taught me many things over the years, and I’ve learned a lot when it comes to discretion. Celebrity or not, plastic surgery patients are entitled to as much or as little privacy as they want, and I believe it’s best to keep empty speculation to ourselves.

Whether it’s a quick BOTOX® injection or a more significant surgical overhaul, each patient has his or her own reasons for disclosing, or not disclosing, the procedure. While plastic surgery is rapidly losing its stigma, not everyone is ready to talk about it in an open forum. Even though celebrities have chosen to live their lives in public, they’re still entitled to privacy, especially when it comes to health matters — including plastic surgery.

Before you decide whether or not to disclose your own surgery, consider your motivations for talking about it. If you have a good support system in your personal and professional life, you may change some opinions by putting a “face” to plastic surgery. But if you just want to keep it between you and your closest friends, that’s OK, too. Like many elements of plastic surgery, you get to call the shots.

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