Organic Plastic Surgery: Doctors Using Body Fat to Alter and Reconstruct Patients

Synergy Plastic Surgery

By Clarissa Hamlin as originally published in Beauty World News.

Many doctors are turning to organic plastic surgery, a new method to perform facelifts or other procedures without implanting any artificial enhancements. Instead, surgeons are using a patients’ own body fat to reconstruct and alter their bodies.

According to Kxan.com, a few doctors in Central Texas are going the organic route.

Dr. Mahlon Kerr, a plastic surgeon with Synergy Plastic Surgery in Round Rock and Austin, Texas, is using the breakthrough method. Kerr knows just how the augmentation process can be performed by just recycling your own fat to make physical changes and alterations.

But are many people buying the new technique?

Kxan.com reported that when people think of “organic,” food and recycling generally come to mind. Needless to say, there are still several hundreds who don’t know or agree with going organic when it comes to going under the knife.

With this particular kind of surgery, doctors recycle the patients’ fat to achieve plastic surgery without the plastic. In fact, they transfer fat from places with too much to areas where the patient wants enhancement.

Surgeons say this is a viable option because because they use body tissue rather than artificial substances, reported Kxan.com.

Another techinque called the vampire facial works in a similar way. Under that method, blood is injecting into the face for a subtle lift, like fat is inserting into the body to change its appearance.

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