Breast Enhancement Using Fat Transfer and Implants

Perfect Synergy is a new cutting edge breast enhancement process that was created by Dr. Kerr at Synergy Plastic Surgery in Austin, Texas.  The procedure involves placement of breast implants and the addition of fat transferred to the breast to finish the result and provide a more natural and feminine look.  This innovative process works in two important ways by correcting deficiencies in breast tissue thickness and in projection.

Perfect Synergy Breast Enhancement can be combined with either saline, silicone, or gummy bear implants and Dr. Kerr will help you to choose the right implant type for your body.  The Perfect Synergy fat transfer process creates a smooth and natural upper breast transition and helps to reduce the risk of implant rippling, palpability, and allows Dr. Kerr to customize your breast enhancement in a way we have never seen possible before.

Using the Perfect Synergy process Dr. Kerr makes very small incisions to remove fat typically from the abdomen or hips but any area is possible.  Patients will see an improvement in these areas similar to if they had liposuction done in the area treated. The fat is then prepared by carefully separating surrounding fluid using a centrifuge and then transferred to the breast in micro layers to plump the native breast tissues and help restore a youthful look to the breast and the overlying skin as a result of the powerful rejuvenation of any nearby tissue after fat is injected.


The result of Perfect Symmetry Breast Enhancement is a beautiful look that is customized specifically for your body that works on multiple different levels to give you a youthful and rejuvenated look that is truly a unique procedure available only by Dr. Kerr at Synergy Plastic Surgery.

To learn more about how Perfect Symmetry can change your life please call 512.244.144 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Kerr to discuss your options.

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