Facial Plastic Surgery

Your face is like no other; and while you might want to improve it, you still want to look like you. Many of our Austin area facial plastic surgery patients choose facelifts, brow lifts, or eyelid surgery to look younger and more refreshed. Others visit us to refine facial features that are out of balance, such as the nose or ears. At Synergy Plastic Surgery, our plastic surgeons provide results that look natural and attractive to improve your confidence and enhance your life.

Are you ready to find out more about facial plastic surgery? Request a consultation online with one of our plastic surgeons or call our office in Austin or Round Rock at  (512) 244-1439. They serve patients from San Antonio, Killeen, Austin, and neighboring Texas communities like Cedar Park, Leander, and Pflugerville.

Meet OurSurgical Team

Meet OurSurgical Team

Experience safety, support, and satisfaction in the hands of a highly experienced team. Our plastic surgeons work together to create exceptional results with compassion and care.

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Your Options

Our doctors make it possible to regain a younger-looking face or achieve harmony among facial features. They offer the following facial plastic surgery options to women and men:

  • Facelift: Facelift surgery uses small incisions behind the ears and chin to access the deeper layers of the face, tightening, lifting, and smoothing away the most troublesome signs of aging. The result is an attractive, younger-looking face that honors your unique features and appears very natural.
  • Neck Lift: Often performed as a complement to facelift, neck lift surgery improves the look of a neck damaged by aging or years of sun exposure. A neck lift can also remove fat deposits that cause bulging or unevenness, leading to a smooth, proportionate profile.
  • Brow Lift & Eyelid Surgery: Lift and soften a heavy, sagging brow or droopy eyelids with this surgery. Using precision methods that leave behind very little scarring, your doctor can improve the look of your entire face and, in some cases, even improve your vision.
  • Rhinoplasty: Sought by millions of people each year thanks to its versatility and long-lasting results, rhinoplasty can improve the size, shape, and dimensions of the nose for a result that’s just right.
  • Ear Surgery & Facial Implants: Commonly known as “ear pinning,” otoplasty is a relatively simple procedure that reduces the projection of the ears. Facial implants improve the proportions of the face for an entirely transformed, harmonized profile.
  • Skin Cancer Reconstruction: Occasionally, skin cancer treatment can leave behind scarring or other disfigurement that requires a reconstructive procedure to restore a sense of normalcy and balance. Our doctors find these cases especially gratifying and routinely create beautiful results.