5 Questions You’ve Been Curious to Ask About Liposuction

Liposuction has been the “go to” procedure for targeted fat loss at my Austin practice for years ― and for good reason. If you’ve ever seen our before-and-after photo gallery, you know just how amazing the results can be.

Popular as it is, I’ve fielded a lot of liposuction questions throughout my career, and here are answers to the 5 I’ve heard most frequently. If you’re thinking about the procedure, you might want to take notes!

1. How much does it cost?

This is the most commonly asked question for all procedures. With liposuction, however, there is quite a bit of variation in price, depending on the area of treatment, your body, and the result you’re looking for. Here’s a rough estimate for a few common treatment areas:

  • Neck: approx. $2,000
  • Tummy: approx. $4,000
  • Thighs: approx. $2,000 (inner or outer) or $4,000 (both inner and outer)

2. Will liposuction help me lose weight?

Liposuction is not a weight-loss procedure. Instead, it contours small pockets of fat and stubborn bulges that have not responded to a consistently healthy lifestyle. We recommend that patients maintain a healthy and stable weight prior to undergoing the procedure. However, if you plan to embark on a weight-loss journey and need help with the finishing touches later on, it may be worth circling back to. We are happy to help you with a treatment plan that’s part of an overall lifestyle change.

3. How long will the results last?

During the procedure, fat cells are suctioned away using a small tube called a cannula. The fat cells cannot grow back. The results will develop over the weeks following your procedure, once the swelling has gone down. It’s important to note that it is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle following your procedure. While liposuction removes fat cells in the area of treatment, fat cells elsewhere can still expand in size.

4. What about the non-surgical alternatives?

It’s likely you’ve heard the buzz surrounding non-surgical fat loss treatments that they are less invasive, less expensive, and require less downtime. At Synergy, we don’t currently offer non-surgical fat reduction options. We believe that liposuction provides superior, longer-term results for patients. Plus, liposuction eliminates the need for multiple treatments and multiple expenses (which can add up quickly and often are around the same as the cost of liposuction). While non-surgical fat reduction might be right for some patients, we prefer the longevity and extensiveness of a traditional liposuction procedure.

5. Is it right for me?

That’s a good one! It’s important to remember that there is no single treatment or procedure that works for everyone. Liposuction may be right for you, or it may not. The only way to determine if it is truly fitting to your body type and goals is to schedule a consultation. At Synergy, we’ll work together to discuss your lifestyle, budget, and all of the options available. We’ll make sure that you feel confident in your decision so you can start looking forward to your results.

Considering liposuction? These are the 5 questions you want answers to.

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