What is BRAVA?

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What is BRAVA?

Brava +AFT  is an implant free fat transfer technique that utilizes your own fat to improve the size and shape of your breast.  It can be used both for breast augmentation and for breast reconstruction.  The whole technique is performed as an outpatient, which, is minimally invasive AND has the added benefit of body sculpting through liposuction.

So how does it work?

A patient wears the external expander called BRAVA for a few weeks at night when she sleeps.  The BRAVA brassiere creates a gentle pressure over the breast preparing it for fat transfer.  Then she comes in for an outpatient procedure where she has liposuction from any areas of her interest.  That fat is then meticulously placed in micro droplets into the expanded breast for breast augmentation or reconstruction.  Recovery time is quick!  A woman can expect to back to her daily routine within a couple of days.

Once the recovery period is over a woman can expect to have soft natural looking breasts that will stay with her for a lifetime.  As she gains and loses weight her breasts with adjust with her naturally.  Whom I particularly like this technique for are moms who have had some deflation after having children.  Their breasts are naturally rejuvenated and perked up!  Plus they get a little liposuction to remove stubborn pregnancy fat.  For a lot of us who have had children these are two key interests to regaining our pre-pregnancy figures.  BRAVA +AFT can make that happen.

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