Are You a Good Facelift Candidate? Take Our Quiz!

Close-up of a woman's face.

Facial aging tends to sneak up on us. We may notice the first appearance of crow’s feet or worry lines and schedule BOTOX® injections or get fillers to smooth out nasolabial folds. And then, almost overnight, jowls have disguised our jawlines and the skin on our necks resemble turkey wattles. This is when we typically see people considering facelift surgery at our Austin, TX, practice.

But not everyone is sure that they’re ready for a facelift. Patients may ask if they’re too young—or too old—for facial plastic surgery or whether they can treat their concerns with nonsurgical procedures.

If you’re wondering if you can benefit from a facelift, take our quiz to learn who is a good candidate.

To learn more about facelift and other cosmetic surgery options at our Austin practice, request a consultation or call us at (512) 244-1439.

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