Austin Residents Go “Organic” When it Comes to Plastic Surgery

Austin Residents Go Organic When it Comes to Plastic Surgery

From organic apples at whole foods to small organic urban farms on the east side Austin residents have been going organic before anyone else even understood what that meant.  The residents of Austin, Texas are conscious about what they put in their bodies, and want to make sure they are going green using recycled items and organically produced products whenever possible.  This organic movement has led to new concepts in plastic surgery which is happening right here in Austin.

Local plastic surgeon, Dr. Mahlon Kerr has seen a recent upswing in the numbers of Austinites looking for “organic” plastic surgery options as well.  Dr. Kerr says “A growing number of people in our area are really interested in the trend of recycling their own fat to achieve plastic surgery enhancement without the plastic.”  These organic plastic surgery options allow the patient to recycle their own fat and transfer it to places in their bodies that need it taking from areas they have too much, all while using their own body tissue rather than implants and artificial substances.  From breast augmentation, to facial rejuvenation the possibilities for organic fat transfer are nearly limitless.

Dr. Kerr explains, “organic plastic surgery is a term I coined to describe what essentially is the ideal concept in plastic surgery–changing one part of your body by recycling from areas you need improvement in.”  Patients have been requesting it more often and the results can be astonishing.  The organic concept simply means to repurpose your own body’s resources and since you are what you eat Austin residents are truly trendsetters in the wave of organic plastic surgery that is sweeping the nation.

If your interested in how organic plastic surgery could work for your needs, give us a call at 512.244.1444 or request a consultation on our website www.synergyplasticsurgery.com

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