Can I Breast Feed With Breast Implants?

This is a very common question and concern for many of my patients.  The good news is that most people are able to breast feed without problems!

Breast augmentation is the most common cosmetic plastic surgery procedure in the United States.  That means that thousands of women will have implants placed before they have children or before they are done having children.  I typically place several hundred implants a year and have yet to have a patient who wanted to breast feed and was unable to.

Incision placement is an important consideration in breast augmentation, and for patients who are concerned about nursing an inframammary incision is almost always the best choice.  This small incision located under the breast in the fold provides reliable access for placement of the implant via a small incision and can be easily reused in the future for an implant exchange.  This incision also avoids almost entirely the breast tissue and does not cut any of the milk ducts which are arranged in a radial fashion heading towards the nipple.

The even better news about breast implants placed before pregnancy is that patients can often avoid the involutional atrophy (loss of breast gland tissue volume) that often occurs after you finish nursing.  My patients with breast implants typically look much more similar to their pre-baby shape than those without implants as any volume loss in breast tissue is not nearly as noticeable.

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