Can the TikTok Face Tape Trend Truly Tackle Those Wrinkles?

When it comes to beauty, TikTok is a fountain of knowledge for many. From plastic surgeries such as BBL’s and rhinoplasty to medspa procedures such as dermal fillers and BOTOX® Cosmetic, it’s no secret that TikTok plays a huge role in determining what is trending in the world of beauty.

This month, TikTok’s beauty enthusiasts are obsessed with face taping: using plastic adhesive or ‘face lifting patches’ which they claim help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles overnight. The hashtag #facetape has accumulated over 7.1 million views, and that number is only growing.

Many TikTokers are using tape as an alternative to preventative BOTOX, but is it really that effective? And, most importantly, is it safe?

Face taping: What is it?

In short, face taping is a technique that claims to tackle fine lines and wrinkles by strategically placing sticky tape on areas of the face. The goal of this method is to use tape to constrict the muscles and limit their motion, essentially mimicking the effects of BOTOX.

According to those who share the infamous TikTok trend online, face taping is an overnight ritual that involves sleeping with tape in place to prevent you from frowning or making any expression during your sleep. Although face taping is a popular new trend on the app, social media does have a knack for reviving old trends–so it may not come as a surprise that face taping has been around in many different forms for several years!

Though there are several different types of “face tapes” available on the market today, they all mainly resemble normal tape, sticky on one side and dry on the other.

Is face tape effective?

In theory, face tape aims to replicate the effects of BOTOX on the muscle by temporarily “freezing” it so you can’t create certain expression lines (i.e., frowning). Once the tape is removed from your skin, there is nothing there to hold the muscle from moving, leading to movement of the muscle yet again. This means that the wrinkles will return soon after the tapes are removed.

Is face tape safe?

The ingredients used in regular tape are not intended to be used on skin. This is especially true if the tape in question claims to be strong enough to evade falling off during sleep. In some skin types, use of this product could cause skin sensitivity, irritation, redness or even breakouts.

Furthermore, those experimenting with the product should be aware of the outcomes of removing very sticky tape from there face. Even if done carefully, there is a risk of pulling off a layer of the skin which can cause trauma, skin tearing, scarring, and even lead to infection if not handled appropriately.

In addition, extended use of these face tapes could even lead to the exaggerated stretching of the skin and accelerate signs of aging. This is due to the increased skin laxity produced from tight face taping techniques and/or prolonged wear.

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Before & After BOTOX

Try these effective alternatives instead:


Starting a quality skincare routine before wrinkles and skin sagging commence is the most effective method for maintaining flawless skin! Furthermore, it is important to note that fine lines and wrinkles do not only appear because of our expressions throughout the day and while sleeping but also as a result of sun exposure. The best plan of action is to pair a broad-spectrum sunscreen with products that boost collagen and elastin in your skin.

BOTOX or Dysport®

BOTOX and Dysport are neuromodulators that correct wrinkles by suspending the facial muscles that contract with facial expressions. Relaxing the muscles allows the skin to lie smooth and become wrinkle free. While you won’t be cured of your wrinkles and creases the day you leave our office, you will begin to see improvement within a few days of your treatment!

Unlike face tapes, BOTOX freezes the muscle continuously for at least 3 months after treatment. Most importantly, it has proven records of safety and predictability, meaning that BOTOX delivers consistent results when administered by a trained injector, such as the ones at Synergy Plastic Surgery!

Both BOTOX and Dysport are among the world’s most popular non-surgical aesthetic enhancements, with millions of men and women around the globe undergoing these straightforward treatments each year. To learn more about your aesthetic options, request a consultation or call us at (512) 244-1439 to get started.

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