Cosmetic Procedures to Help Shake Off Those Winter Pounds…

A little taste of our upcoming article in the upcoming issue of Texas Lifestyle Magazine! As the winter months begin to fade most of us look forward to the onset of warmer spring and summer.  Trading sweaters for bikinis can seem daunting when toting around a few extra holiday pounds.  As a board certified plastic surgeon I think that one of optimal times for a plastic surgery patients to have breast augmentation, tummy tucks, liposuction, and mommy makeovers is in the late winter and early spring.  I recommend that patients begin this process with a consultation as early in the year as possible so that they can have surgery and be fully recovered by swimsuit season.  Most patients will be thrilled to learn that a few easy surgical procedures can enhance your look for summer and beyond much faster than months of sweat and tears in the gym.  I always say that plastic surgery is really best for fixing things that your trainer can’t such as loose muscles after pregnancy to loose skin, stubborn fat areas, and breast size and volume.  A little time in the operating room can really change both the way you look and how you feel about yourself.  This enhancement both physical and psychological are really the perfect combination for shaking off those winter cobwebs and getting ready to strap on that first swimsuit of the season.

Starting around early February I notice an increase in the number of new consultations at both our Round Rock and Austin locations. Most patients want to be fully recovered by summer so they can flaunt their new physiques, so an early consultation is essential as our schedule gets very busy by spring break and beyond.  This is typical for most of the top plastic surgeons in our area, as our specialty is quite seasonal with spikes in patients seeking procedures around holiday months and in the late winter/spring.

One tip to getting more out of your surgical experience is that many procedures such as a tummy tuck or breast enhancement can be combined to save time during recovery. This combination is oftentimes called a “Mommy Makeover.” By combining procedures, patients only have to recover once, as opposed to two separate times.  This lets you really pack in results into a typical 1-2 week recovery and jump start the healing process rather than stage the operations over months or years.  Shorter combination surgeries lasting less than six hours are considered to be safe and effective for most healthy patients.
Simpler procedures like breast augmentation are a late winter/spring favorite at Synergy Plastic Surgery.  We do hundreds of breast procedures each year and breast implants top the list in my practice and nationwide as the most common cosmetic surgery procedure we do.  The operation takes less than an hour and most patients can comfortably return to a desk job in only 3-4 days.  With new 5th generation silicone implants now available, our results are better than ever giving patients a much more natural look and feel.  Our patients love the volume implants add to their breasts, and how they look in that new bikini or summer dress in our warm Austin climate.  Breast implants, however, do take time to drop and soften so to get ready for summer I would ideally recommend at least 2-4 months to be swimsuit ready.

To learn more about these procedure or other options that might work for you visit us online at www.SynergyPlasticSurgery.com , in person (call us at 512.244.1444), or read the entire article on store shelves in 2015 in Texas Lifestyle Magazine

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