Does Fat Grafting to Breasts Provide More Natural Results?

Breast augmentation using implants is one of the most common cosmetic plastic surgery procedures performed in the United States. According to statistics, patient satisfaction after this procedure is high and long-term complication rates have been acceptably low. However, certain challenges in breast augmentation remain, despite advances in implant technology and operative techniques. While most of our patients choose an implant for their breast augmentation, newer techniques and natural options are now available. Fat grafting – or fat transfer – is growing as an exciting and natural option for small breast augmentation!

What is involved in breast augmentation with fat grafting?

Fat grafting to the breast involves the harvest and transfer of fat cells to a more desirable location, in this case, the breasts. Fat is harvested via a standard liposuction technique. Most patients choose to remove fat from the love handles, abdomen, or hips.

This unwanted fat is then sterilely processed in the operating room by the plastic surgeon. The processed fat is then put into small syringes and safely injected into the breast tissue to improve the size of the breast and cleavage, and then give the upper pole fullness that is often lost after pregnancy and breastfeeding.

What Are The Benefits of Fat Grafting Over Implants?

  • No Rippling

Achieving ample soft tissue coverage of the implant has been a persistent challenge in breast augmentation. This is normally due to a lack of breast tissue and fat and can lead to a poor cosmetic result. This mismatch between size and soft tissue coverage results in implant palpability, edge visibility, and often rippling, all of which are disconcerting to both the patient and surgeon.

One of the key advantages of fat grafting procedure is that it allows for the placement of extra fat precisely in the areas where it is needed. Fat grafting to the breast alone ensures that results will be full and even, and rippling will not occur.  To address existing implant rippling, harvested fat cells can be placed over the implants to enhance fullness and shape, and reduce the visible impact of rippling.

  • Natural Shape

Primary fat grafting at the time of breast augmentation has emerged as another tool to better maintain natural breast while augmenting breast size. Saline implants have a distinctly round and full appearance and are quite firm to the touch. Silicone implants have a more natural feel and tend to resemble natural breast tissue more closely in terms of their shape and curvature and are softer and more malleable in texture. However, both implants produce a rounder and more pronounced appearance.

Fat grafting to the breast will always produce a fuller breast that still maintains its natural shape.

  • Improving Other Areas with Liposuction

As previously mentioned, the fat being used in the breast is harvested via a standard liposuction technique. This means patients can remove unwanted fat from problem areas and utilize it in the breast for more volume and fullness. Furthermore, patients can treat fat in these unwanted areas while coupling this surgery with a breast augmentation. This means that patients will pay less in operating room costs.

Who is a good candidate for fat grafting to the breast?

Natural augmentation with fat grafting has very different outcomes as compared to breast augmentation with implants. Fat is only able to give moderate enlargement of the breast and improvement of shape. For patients complaining of gapping of the top of their bra, injected fat into this area will give more fullness. It will help them to fill out their bra size, but not necessarily change their bra size.

At your complimentary consultation, our plastic surgeons can offer you a personalized consultation tailored to your unique body, aesthetic goals, and needs.

Getting the optimal results from your breast augmentation via fat grafting depends on your breast shape, size, and body. If you think this procedure is right for you, Synergy Plastic Surgery invites you to meet with one of our plastic surgeons for a complimentary consultation!

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