Extreme Breast Augmentation: Why You Need a Surgeon Who’s Willing to Say No

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Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to breast augmentation—especially when it’s taken to the extreme. While our goal as plastic surgeons is to create the results you’ve been dreaming of, there are a few reasons a surgeon may say no to oversized implants. Providing thoughtful guidance is a huge part of how my fellow surgeons and I create satisfying breast augmentation results here in Austin, Texas. Sometimes that guidance involves saying no—but there’s always a good reason if it does.

It’s in your best interest to choose a surgeon who will push back on extreme plastic surgery requests and recommend a more sustainable, proportional, and flattering outcome. Here are a few reasons an experienced surgeon may guide you away from an extreme ask.

To Keep You Comfortable

When it comes to breast augmentation, proportion is key. Choosing implants that suit your body creates an attractive size increase without causing back pain, difficulty exercising, or other issues associated with disproportionally large breasts.

During your consultation, we’ll discuss options such as adjusting the implant’s profile and other customizable factors to achieve a dramatic result without going overboard on size. Learn more about all the different ways your implants can be personalized in our previous blog post.

To Prevent Unsatisfying Results

Heading into breast augmentation with realistic expectations is a key way to make sure you’re happy when you see your results in the mirror. We know this as plastic surgeons, so we work to avoid overpromising or misleading you about what you can expect to see when the bandages come off after your surgery.

Plastic surgeons who promise you’ll be happy with extreme results may be misrepresenting your expected outcome. Either they won’t be able to successfully follow through on an over-the-top request, or they’ll have to sacrifice your comfort and safety to do so. Neither option is what’s best for you.

To Create Improvements That Last

A major priority we have as surgeons is delivering results you’ll be able to feel great about for years to come. We know undergoing a cosmetic procedure is a big investment, and we want to make sure we provide a lasting return.

Oversized implants often lead to sagging or stretching of the skin over time and create a need for a revision procedure sooner than is typically necessary. Choosing a more realistic and proportional size will create a much more sustainable result that adapts better to weight fluctuations and age-related body changes.

To Uphold Your Safety and Happiness

Experienced and trustworthy plastic surgeons know that protecting each patient’s safety and long-term satisfaction is always most important. If a surgeon were to say no to an extreme request, it would ultimately be for this reason. At Synergy Plastic Surgery, my fellow surgeons and I are committed not only to achieving an outcome you’ll love initially but also making sure that outcome supports your general happiness and well-being for many years into the future.

To see examples of the breast augmentation results Synergy’s plastic surgeons have achieved, please visit our before-and-after photo gallery.

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