Healthy vs. Unhealthy Motives for Plastic Surgery

Woman taking a photo and debating if she's choosing plastic surgery for the right reasons

“Extreme” plastic surgery cases often trend online and on social media. A recent example in the news involves young men called “incels.” Incels (which is short for “involuntary celibates”) are men who self-identify as being unable to attract a woman’s attention. They often gather on online forums, lamenting about how they aren’t “Chads”—a term they use to describe stereotypically attractive men.

According to The Cut, there has been a rising trend in incels seeking out plastic surgery to “become a Chad.” They have their jaws restructured, clavicle bones broken, and undergo various other painful procedures in search of a male model look.

One of the jobs of surgeons at our plastic surgery practice in Austin and Round Rock is to discuss the reasons patients are seeking the procedures they want. We’re dedicated to supporting the dignity of patients who come to us with aesthetic concerns but also recognize that in rare cases a patient’s motives for getting cosmetic surgery might be unhealthy. This blog post will examine some questions to ask before deciding to get plastic surgery.

Realistic Expectations

When considering plastic surgery, it’s important to have realistic expectations. Otherwise, you might end up with results that are disappointing or look unnatural. Some examples of “extreme” modifications include:

  • Oversized implants
  • Pillowface fillers
  • Super tight facelifts
  • Overdone rhinoplasty

You want your results to be noticeable for the right reasons. Plastic surgery should enhance your natural beauty, not distract from it. Do your research carefully and come into your plastic surgery journey with an open, practical mindset.

Selecting a Surgeon

Trying to find a doctor can feel overwhelming. When choosing a surgeon, be sure to select someone with excellent credentials, extensive experience, and a thoughtful bedside manner.

Finding a plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) should always be your priority. You want your operation done by someone you can trust. During your initial consultation, you will be able to ask your doctor questions and discuss your goals. A qualified professional helps guide you through your journey and to ensure results are attractive and proportional.

Know Yourself

Signing up for a consultation is always important. But before you even step into the surgeon’s office, you should think about your reasons for wanting cosmetic surgery.

Do you want to reverse the signs of aging? Feel more confident in a swimsuit? Restore your pre-pregnancy body, or straighten a crooked nose? There are many reasons happy, healthy people might be interested in plastic surgery. But just remember: plastic surgery isn’t magic. It should be used to improve your life and help you feel comfortable in your own skin.

As mentioned above, scheduling a one-on-one consultation is the first important step. Be open with your doctor so you can work as a team. Together, you can create beautiful, transformative results while keeping a healthy perspective.

If you have any other questions, request an appointment of your own online or by calling our practice at (512) 244-1445.

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