How Much Does a Tummy Tuck Cost in Austin, TX?

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Embarking on the transformative journey of a tummy tuck involves careful consideration of the
procedure itself and a clear understanding of the associated costs of abdominoplasty in Austin, TX. In
this detailed guide, we’ll delve into the various factors influencing the cost of tummy tuck surgery at
Synergy Plastic Surgery in Austin, Round Rock, and the surrounding area. By shedding light on what’s
included in the pricing, we aim to ensure that you are well informed and prepared for the financial
aspects of this life-changing procedure.

Transparency in Pricing

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgery, the average cost of tummy tuck surgery is $7,215.
However, note that this average cost is only part of the total price – it does not include anesthesia,
operating room facilities, or other related expenses.

Our pricing structure includes:

  • Surgical Fees: These encompass the costs associated with the actual tummy tuck procedure,
    including the surgeon’s expertise, operating room expenses, and the support staff involved.
  • Anesthesia Fees: The administration of anesthesia is a critical aspect of tummy tuck surgery. Our
    pricing includes the fees associated with anesthesia to ensure a comfortable and safe surgical
  • Facility Fees: Utilization of our very own state-of-the-art, accredited facility is integral to the
    success and safety of the tummy tuck procedure. Facility fees are included in our pricing to cover
    the use of top-quality surgical facilities.

The Cost of a Tummy Tuck

Our advanced medical staff believes in tailoring tummy tuck procedures to each patient’s unique needs and goals. The total cost of a tummy tuck at Synergy Plastic Surgery in Austin, TX, can range between
$12,000 – $14,000. While price ranges can be provided online, an exact fee quote is only finalized after a
thorough, personalized consultation with one of our board-certified plastic surgeons.

Factors such as the extent of the surgery, type of tummy tuck procedure, individual anatomy, and desired outcomes are carefully considered during your personalized complimentary consultation. This
personalized approach ensures that the quoted price aligns with your specific requirements, providing
transparency and clarity in the overall cost of your tummy tuck in Austin, TX.

Type of Tummy Tuck

Patients have their own unique anatomies and aesthetic goals, so our doctors offer a variety of tummy
tuck techniques that may affect the final cost of tummy tuck surgery, including the following:

  • Complete tummy tuck (also called a full tummy tuck) restores the appearance of the entire
    abdomen from the lower ribcage down to the pubic bone by addressing lax skin,
    stretched/separated abdominal muscles, and a misshaped belly button.
  • Mini tummy tuck addresses the lower abdomen below the belly button.
  • Fleur-de-lis tummy tuck, which is most appropriate for post-bariatric plastic surgery patients,
    extends the complete tummy tuck with a vertical incision that runs from the pubic area to the
    belly button to the chest. This technique removes a significant amount of excess skin to tighten
    the hips and waistline.
  • Extended tummy tuck (or belt lipectomy) continues the horizontal abdominoplasty incision
    around the waist, like a belt, over the upper buttocks to contour the waist and lift and tighten
    sagging outer hips and buttocks.

The Value of Quality

Opting for an experienced and board-certified plastic surgeon is essential when considering a tummy
tuck. The fees associated with reputable surgeons reflect their extensive training, commitment to safety,
and use of accredited facilities. While it might be tempting to pursue lower-cost options, the risks
associated with compromised safety and the potential for unsatisfactory results make choosing quality
paramount. You can see for yourself the types of results you can expect in our gallery of tummy tuck before and after photos.

Affordable Financing Options

Recognizing that a tummy tuck is a significant investment, Synergy Plastic Surgery offers financing
options to make the procedure more accessible. Synergy Plastic Surgery proudly partners with several healthcare credit cards, such as LendingUSA, CareCredit, and Alphaeon, providing patients with the flexibility to manage their payments in affordable monthly installments. Interest-free terms are often available, making financing a practical and attractive choice for many! You can apply
online and receive a decision instantly.

Start With a Free Consultation

As you contemplate the transformative journey of a tummy tuck, Synergy Plastic Surgery is committed to
providing comprehensive information to guide you through the process.

Our board-certified plastic surgeons offer complimentary cosmetic surgery consultations, allowing you to
explore your options and gain insights into the personalized pricing of your tummy tuck procedure.
Request a consultation with one of our surgeons at Synergy Plastic Surgery or call us today at (512) 244-1439 to begin your journey toward a more confident and rejuvenated you!

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