Is Winter the Best Time For My Plastic Surgery Procedure?

It’s officially fall, which means the holiday season is right around the corner. If you are a planner, you may be thinking about celebrations, travel arrangements, gifts, menus, and a million other details. It’s also an ideal time to plan for winter plastic surgery!

The winter really is a terrific time to schedule the breast augmentation or tummy tuck surgery (or both!) you’ve been considering. Think of all the benefits of winter plastic surgery:

Time off work

It can be very difficult for a lot of us to take much time away from work. We worry about who will handle our responsibilities while we are way (and how they will handle them!), and we worry about the backlog that may be waiting for us when we get back.

In addition, most people have a limited amount of time they can take away from work. Besides the obvious disadvantage of using up any paid time off, you may have to take unpaid time off depending on your company benefits.

However, during the winter months, companies often give employees several major holidays and long weekends off. Depending on your schedule or situation, these holidays with your paid time off may prevent you from needing unpaid leave or using all your vacation days. This will allow you to rest easy knowing that everyone is off at the same time, so work isn’t stacking up for when you get back. Maybe you can save some of your extra vacation days for a trip to the beach with your new body!

Comfy winter clothes

It’s one of the luxuries of cold weather – comfy clothes you can wrap yourself up in to stay warm and comfortable! This alone is exactly what makes a winter wardrobe great for recovering from surgery. Soft, cozy clothes are ideal those first few days after surgery when you are spending a lot of time healing and relaxing. An added benefit – they don’t look out of place when you return to work and want to keep clothing from irritating your incision site.

A gradual reveal

Speaking of winter clothes, they are great at temporarily camouflaging your surgery results if you don’t want the change to seem abrupt. They can help give the impression of gradual change as you move from a winter wardrobe to a spring wardrobe and finally to a summer wardrobe. This way your new look doesn’t seem so sudden. Of course, if you want to show off your new look, there is no shortage of form-fitting clothes that will help you do just that—after you heal of course!

It’s not hot

Texas summers are legendary! That’s great for swimming and enjoying the outdoors, but it’s not so great when you must wear special garments or bandages during recovery. During the winter, less heat equals less sweat! Plus, it will be a little easier to regulate your temperature, and if it’s one of our really cold days you might be happy to have an extra layer for warmth!

Be ready when swimsuit season arrives

While your body continues to heal after plastic surgery for about a year, the bulk of healing is complete and swelling reduced after the first two months. This means timing a plastic surgery in winter gives you plenty of time before summer and the more revealing clothes that come with it. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about missing out on activities in the water since your incisions will have already healed.

Regardless, and most importantly of all, the best time to have plastic surgery is when you are confident that it is the right procedure for you, you have found a plastic surgeon you trust, and you have made financial and personal arrangements. That could happen in any season, however, winter does offer some distinct advantages!

If you think you are ready for plastic surgery, schedule your complimentary consultation at Synergy Plastic Surgery today and unlock your Synergy Experience. It could be one more thing to celebrate during the winter months!

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