Mommy Makeover: What About the Kids?

Balancing motherhood with your own needs can be a challenge. Needless to say, virtually all moms think first about their kids without even thinking twice. This theme comes up quite often during mommy makeover consultations at our Austin practice, as patients have second thoughts about undergoing aesthetic surgery when they have young children at home.

Some women postpone getting a mommy makeover until their children are much older. But many moms want to regain their pre-pregnancy bodies sooner, and a mommy makeover offers the advantage of combining different procedures in one operation. That makes it both cost-effective (because certain fees only have to be paid once) and convenient (because patients only have to plan for a single recovery.)

A mommy makeover typically involves combining cosmetic breast surgery, such as breast augmentation, with body contouring procedures that include a tummy tuck and liposuction. The recovery can take several weeks, which is one of the primary concerns patients with younger children express during their consultations. In this blog post, we’ll address that issue along with other common questions women ask about the procedure.

What should I tell my kids about the surgery?

Children naturally will be curious about why you are having to rest and limit your physical activity. How you explain the situation depends primarily on the ages of your children. You probably won’t share the specifics of the procedure unless your children are in their teens. In that case, you may also want to have a discussion about why you wanted plastic surgery and be open to any questions your children may have. For younger kids, the main goal is to assure them that you aren’t sick and nothing bad is going to happen.

How old should my children be when I get a mommy makeover?

If you’ve just had a baby, we recommend waiting at least 6 months to give your body enough time to heal and get back to normal after childbirth. Moms who breastfeed need to wait at least 3 months after weaning their children before getting a mommy makeover.

I have young children. Can I pick them up after surgery?

One of the most difficult parts of recovering from a mommy makeover is not being able to lift your children. Some women postpone getting a mommy makeover until their children are a bit older for this reason alone. If you’re considering a mommy makeover and have younger children, make sure to arrange for reliable child care during the recovery before scheduling the operation.

Is it possible to have another baby after a mommy makeover?

Physically, yes, you can get pregnant and have more children after a mommy makeover. If you’re planning on getting pregnant again, we recommend waiting until after you’re finished having children to get a mommy makeover. Pregnancy likely will compromise the results of a tummy tuck and breast enhancement surgery.

The ultimate decision about whether to have a mommy makeover — and when — is one that you should consider carefully. Families with young children may want to wait until they’re financially secure, or their children are in school. But each situation is different. We can certainly answer any questions you may have that aren’t addressed here, to help you make that decision.

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