Our Winter 2016 Newsletter

 Dr. Kerr in the Spotlight

It’s been an exciting few weeks for Dr. Kerr, who recently made his television debut on TLC’s brand new show ‘Skin Tight’. The show highlights the stories of patients undergoing skin removal surgery following massive weight loss and airs very Wednesday night at 10/9C on TLC.

Across Facebook and Twitter, viewers continue to ask questions about post-weight loss procedures, express support for the show’s patients, and commend the team of plastic surgeons assisting with these incredible transformations, including our very own Dr. Kerr.

Curious what the rest of the season holds? You’ll have to tune in to TLC to find out! In the meantime, see what Dr. Kerr has to say about the experience, in his latest blog post.

Watch Dr. Kerr on TLC's Skin Tight, featuring weight loss patients at his Austin practice.

You Asked, We Answered

I.C.Y.M.I (In Case You Missed It): Synergy Plastic Surgery was recently featured on “Texas Type A Mom”, a blog dedicated to all things beauty, style, parenting… the list goes on! The post discussed options for breast enhancement, including breast augmentation, and answered F.A.Q focused on how timing plays a role in the procedure, especially during childbearing years. Read it, here.

See Dr. Kerr featured on Austin blog, "Texas Type A Mom", discussing breast augmentation procedures.

Have a question specific to choosing the “right time” for a breast procedure at our Austin-based practice? Let’s get in touch! We’ll discuss your options and of course, what the right timeline is for you.

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