How Young is Too Young for Breast Augmentation?

A recent trend  has a growing number of teenagers undergoing plastic surgery procedures. The most popular procedures among teens today are rhinoplasty, breast reduction, and breast augmentation. As a breast augmentation specialist, this trend is of particular interest to me. In fact, I am so frequently asked what the “right” age is for patients considering breast implants that it only seems fitting to expand on the subject. In the case of breast augmentation age is a very important factor in determining if the procedure is right for you.

During a breast augmentation consultation with a younger patient, it is essential that I determine whether or not she has the physical and emotional maturity necessary to undergo an elective cosmetic procedure. It is also important that I know she has a full understanding of the preparation, potential risks, recovery process, and the associated costs that come with surgery. Most importantly, it is imperative that I determine what her motivation for wanting the procedure is. Is she feeling pressured by friends, a boyfriend, or even a parent? Does she have realistic expectations of the outcome? All of these factors can play a role in the patient’s long term well-being and need to be discussed.

So how young is too young for breast augmentation? I say, younger than 18 years old. That being said, 18 is not necessarily the “right” age for the procedure either. It is, however, the minimum age of a breast augmentation patient that I will consult with at my Austin practice. If you or someone you know is considering the procedure and is over 18 years old, schedule a consultation. My staff and I can help guide you through the decision-making process and determine if this is the right time in your life for plastic surgery.

Are you too young for breast implants? One plastic surgeon weighs in.

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