Protecting Your Assets, When to Bra Shop After Breast Surgery?

Breast Augmentation is yet again the most common cosmetic surgery performed in the US from the newly available 2013 plastic surgery stats.  With over 300,000 women having the procedure each year there are a lot of breasts needing support out there.

In the first 4 weeks after surgery I like to see my breast patients of all types: augmentation, reduction, lift, and reconstruction in a soft and comfortable bra.  A sports bra is a great start but any bra that fits well without a wire will work.  Other options for variety is a shelf camisole which can give some support without the need for a separate bra and shirt combo.  I would recommend looking for your sports bra at Target or Walmart.  Spending about $10-15 on this first bra is the right price range.  At this price point patients will often by several options and then return the ones that don’t fit just right.  Looking for a clasp in the front can be helpful but if the bra fits well I wouldn’t consider a back clasp a deal breaker at all.  After the first month I don’t necessarily recommend sleeping in a bra unless you prefer this.

For 4 weeks and on I would look for a well fit supportive bra.  This will typically be an underwire bra to support the weight of your bra and enhance the upper fullness of your breast.  Finding just that right bra can be a problem at times.  Victoria’s Secret is clearly the most common place to look.  Keep in mind that the secret is their bras run small so don’t get wrapped up in the size.  IF you fit a DD and it looks and fits great then buy it and don’t worry too much about the label.  Remember our goal is to make you feel good in clothes, out of clothes, and in swimsuits and the bra size is variable and ultimately just a label.

For women who are very thin with larger augmented breasts finding the right cup and strap combination can be a challenge.  Luckily you are not alone.  Remember about 300,000 women just like you need new bras each year!  Take a look at Le Mystere #9 a company that specializes in bras for women with breast implants and has size combinations and cup fullness that can be difficult to find in other bras.

After the time and cost that goes into surgery make sure you protect your investment with a comfortable, supportive, and sexy bra that will give you the final touch on your new additions!

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