Synergy Plastic Surgery Holiday Survival Guide

As the second holiday season ascends upon us with a rapid pace it can be hard to maintain a balance between healthy and indulgent choices.  These simple tips from Synergy Plastic Surgery can help you keep your figure and make it through the holidays a winner.

  1.  Holiday Parties.  A definite ritual in America.  Most employers find Christmas a time to give back to their hard working employees with the gift of a holiday party.  These decadent feasts can bust a waistline in nothing flat.  To increase your chances of limiting bad calorie foods eat a protein filled snack before the party.  This will keep your hunger to a minimum and allow for selective grazing rather than hunger induced binging.
  2. Alcohol.  While a little Christmas eggnog sounds wonderful this calorie rich drink can have you considering liposuction before the night is over.  Limit your drinks to two or less and choose clear based alcohol or even better red wine to get some limited health benefits with your holiday cheer.
  3. Exercise.  Up your cardio at the gym to help balance the increase calories you will consume with holiday dinners.  Extra cardio will help balance the intake, but remember it takes hours on the treadmill to balance out a few handfuls of holiday treats.
  4. Strategic Plate Management.  Fill your plate with lean proteins first rather than calorie high carbs.  The protein will fill you up and your body will thank you for the fuel.

Using these simple four steps can help you stay trim and fit during the season of excess.  Of course we all want to look our best during the holiday season.  Consider a trip to visit Ashley at Synergy MEDspa for easy solutions to common problems.  Botox, fillers, and laser treatments can do wonders to rejuvenate and revitalize for the holiday season with limited downtime and great results.

Happy Holidays!

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