Talking to Your Boss About Mommy Makeover Surgery

How women choose to answer questions from family and friends about getting cosmetic plastic surgery is as personal as the choice to get the procedure itself. Working moms, though, also have to consider how to talk to their employers about needing time off to recover after a mommy makeover at our Austin practice.

These conversations vary, of course, depending on your workplace environment. The discussion likely will be different for a patient who works for a small mom-and-pop company compared to a larger corporation with a human resources department. In either case, we want to help you feel comfortable talking to an HR manager or your supervisor about needing time off for the upcoming surgery.

  • Know your company’s medical leave policy before requesting time off. If you have questions, ask your HR manager to clarify the policy or, if the policy isn’t documented, make sure to get an agreement in writing.
  • Most employers are concerned with the practical impact when an employee is gone for an extended length of time. They need to plan to have someone else cover her workload and will want to know specifically how long the recovery will take. I recommend taking 2 weeks off from work after a mommy makeover, but some flexibility may be needed. In some cases, patients may need to take a few days of unpaid leave.
  • You don’t need to provide the specific details of your surgery, but be prepared for questions when you return to work after having a mommy makeover. If you’re uncomfortable disclosing the procedures involved in a mommy makeover, you can say you’re having “surgery on your torso.” That should be sufficient.
  • We can provide documentation from our Austin practice confirming your plastic surgery for employers who require it before authorizing time off. Some employers provide company forms that you will need to bring in to have us sign.
  • Even though I recommend taking 2 weeks off, every patient recovers at her own pace after a mommy makeover. If your job primarily involves working on a computer, you may want to develop a detailed telecommuting proposal for your boss to consider. Working from home during your recovery may actually reduce the number of days you’ll have to miss, something your boss will appreciate.

Of course, the nature of a mommy makeover patient’s job influences the amount of time needed before returning to work. Women who have more physically strenuous responsibilities at work may need to take more time off, especially to ensure they’re fully healed after a tummy tuck. You may also want to discuss being temporarily reassigned to less physically demanding tasks.

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