The 5 Benefits of Labiaplasty

Although not common discussed, a labiaplasty is a procedure that has gained popularity in recent years due to the multitude of benefits it can offer. This surgery is designed to correct vaginal lips (labia) that have stretched or become loose through time or childbirth.

While an oversized labia is not a comfortable or common topic of conversation for many, this is a concern for millions of women. If wearing a bathing suit or leggings fills you with worry or embarrassment, this can affect your overall confidence and well-being. Fortunately, a simple cosmetic procedure can help. If you are suffering physical discomfort or embarrassment because of changes to your genital area, there are some good reasons to consider labiaplasty for yourself.

What Is Labiaplasty?

Before discussing the benefits, let’s delve into the procedure itself. Labiaplasty is performed on the inner vaginal lips, the labia minora, to minimize the size and appearance. At the same time, the outer vaginal lips, the labia majora, can also be rejuvenated with fat injections or trimmed, if necessary.

This procedure is performed by our board plastic surgeons. After the procedure, patients can expect minimal pain and discomfort, little to no scarring, and most patients are back to work and normal daily activities within a week. However, it is important to wait six weeks to engage in sexual intercourse.

Now that you have a better understanding of the procedure itself, let’s look at the benefits that millions of women have experienced by undergoing labiaplasty.

5 Benefits of Labiaplasty

Increased Confidence

For most women with oversized labia, the major issue is that this affects their self-esteem and self-confidence. Wearing bikinis, tight clothing, or being intimate with their partner can be agonizing, as they worry about their appearance “down there.” Having labiaplasty can take away that self-consciousness and worry and allow you to feel more confident in your appearance.

Comfort in Clothing

Wearing a bikini, tight leggings, or even snug-fitting pants can be challenging when you suffer with oversized labia. Whether they feel uncomfortable, or you’re concerned about visible lines or bulges, a labiaplasty prevents those problems, helping you feel more comfortable, both physically and emotionally, no matter what you choose to wear.

Reduce Pain and Discomfort

The inner labia contain delicate tissue and when it’s exposed it can easily become irritated from sexual activity and tight clothing. Additionally, exercising, including jogging, riding a bicycle, and other daily activities can be unpleasant as the exposed tissue is twisted, chafed, or pinched. Labiaplasty will remove the excess tissue and allow you to enjoy daily activities.

Improved Hygiene and Health

Excess tissue can also harbor bacteria and make hygiene more difficult. For women with oversized inner labia, this can mean a higher risk of urinary tract infections, which are dangerous and painful. Having a labiaplasty can reduce the risk of UTIs and other health concerns.

Can Be Coupled with a Mommy Makeover

The most common cause of oversized or “sagging” labia is pregnancy and childbirth, which can have unwanted effects on several areas of the body. A mommy makeover is a series of customized cosmetic procedures that allow you to reclaim your pre-baby body, whether that’s a tummy tuck to get rid of the pooch, a breast lift to reverse sagging after breastfeeding, and even restoring the vaginal area with a labiaplasty. The benefit of pairing this surgery with other common procedures can include cost savings and less recovery time.

If you’re ready to experience improved confidence and comfort in everyday activities, a labiaplasty may be right for you. At Synergy Plastic Surgery, our plastic surgeons offer complimentary personalized consultations. Call (512) 244-1444 to unlock your Synergy Experience today!

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