The Advantages of Combining Your Surgeries

Combining plastic surgery procedures is often the most effective and cost-efficient way to significantly change your appearance. One of the most common questions that comes up often in consultation is whether it is a good idea to combine multiple procedures into a single surgery, and the answer depends on the patient and the circumstances.

If you are healthy, your surgeon is a board-eligible or board-certified plastic surgeon, the procedure is performed in an accredited surgery center, combining procedures can be a safe and beneficial option!

Commonly Combined Surgeries

Some of the most combined procedures include the following:

  • Breast lift with implants: the breasts are repositioned higher on the chest wall and enhanced with saline or silicone implants
  • Tummy tuck with liposuction: the abdominal skin and muscles are tightened, and excess fat is removed from the front and sides of the stomach
  • Facelift with eyelid surgery: the facial skin and tissues are lifted and tightened, and the upper and/or lower eyelids are rejuvenated
  • Mommy makeover: the breasts are lifted and/or augmented, and the abdomen is tightened and toned

Learn more about the advantages of opting to combine these surgeries here:

Benefits of Combined Surgeries

Less overall downtime

Recovery is part of any plastic surgery procedure, and it’s one of the biggest concerns for women who come to our practice. Most women who have breast augmentation have families and careers, and missing time away from their work or loved ones is a challenge. While recovering from a combination operation may require a few more days than what you would need after a solo procedure – overall, the downtime after a combination operation is less than what you would need after two separate operations. For example, if you combined two or more procedures – you will experience a single two-week recovery period – versus if you split two procedures and experienced two separate 10-day recovery periods.


Having and recovering from any plastic surgery procedure requires a fair amount of planning and coordination, especially if you have children or other family members who depend on you. It is more convenient to plan for a slightly longer recovery from a solo operation, rather than making those arrangements twice for separate surgeries.

Quicker & More Enhanced Results

If you are planning two or more procedures, combining them into one mommy makeover operation allows you to see comprehensive results faster. If you stage out the procedures into separate surgeries, it will take longer to achieve your ultimate aesthetic goal. For example, if a patient opts to combine a breast augmentation with a breast lift, this combination can provide fullness and enhance the look of cleavage, while also lifting and elevating sagging breasts to a more youthful position. Many women struggle with both insufficient breast volume and breast sag – and performing only breast augmentation or breast lift alone won’t correct both issues. By combining both breast surgeries, you enhance volume and shape. This creates the most pleasing aesthetic result.

Cost Savings

Combining procedures can save you money in the long run. When each surgery is performed separately, patients pay for certain fees twice – like operating room costs or anesthesia fees. This can add hundreds or thousands to your bill and can often be avoided if the procedures are performed at the same time.

Is It Right for You?

The best candidates for combing surgeries are in good health, have realistic expectations about their results, and have good skin elasticity.

The best way to decide if you are a good candidate for a combination of procedures is to consult with one of our board-eligible or board-certified plastic surgeons. This ensures your procedure is performed safely and correctly by a qualified professional. Synergy Plastic Surgery’s plastic surgeons provide a complete, thorough, and personalized exam which considers your body shape and cosmetic goals when developing a personalized treatment plan. This comprehensive evaluation is all part of your initial complimentary consultation. Call (512) 244-1444 and unlock your personalized Synergy Experience today!

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