The Mommy Makeover: Combine Surgeries for the Best Results

Mother smiling while playing with her child

Having children and growing older impacts nearly every part of the body. After pregnancy, stretched belly skin often sags and breasts lose volume or begin to droop. While raising a family is a wonderful, rewarding experience, feeling self-conscious about your body can be draining. There’s no single procedure that can fix every problem area at once—but a mommy makeover is a special solution offered right here in Austin.

A mommy makeover isn’t a single treatment; instead, it’s a suite of procedures used together to lift and contour the body. Many mothers choose the surgery to address all their problem spots at once instead of spacing each procedure out over several months. One of the best perks of a mommy makeover is that it is highly customizable and can include nearly any procedure you wish.

Infographic showing 5 surgeries commonly associated with a mommy makeover: breast augmentation, tummy tuck, liposuction, breast lift, and breast augmentation revision.

Browse our before-and-after gallery to see examples of real mommy makeover results. If you’d like to talk to a plastic surgeon about liposuction, a tummy tuck, or breast augmentation in Austin and learn more about mommy makeovers, please request a consultation online or call (512) 244-1439 (Austin) or (512) 244-1444 (Round Rock).

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