Traveling & Plastic Surgery: Guidelines for Traveling Safely

Summer travel is quickly approaching, and the need to travel may be increasing. For some, travel may be for leisure, for others it may include a trip to an out-of-town hospital for surgery. If you are planning on traveling after a plastic surgery procedure, our plastic surgeons will ensure that you are equipped with the knowledge and tools required for a safe travel before and after your surgery. Furthermore, here are some important guidelines for a safer, more comfortable travel home after surgery:

Don’t travel alone

After a plastic surgery procedure, a caretaker is always required. They will help transport you to and from surgery, as well as to your one day post operative appointment. It is imperative that you have a caretaker to record all post-op and medicinal instructions. Furthermore, if you are traveling you will likely need to have someone else lift your luggage and help with general movement.

Walk every hour during your trip

Be as mobile as possible. In the days after surgery, the body is in an inflammatory state that makes a person more predisposed to blood clots, particularly in the legs, and especially if the blood isn’t flowing as well! If your travels include flying, walking up and down the aisle once or twice during a long flight or once or twice every hour is useful can help avoid the immobility that can lead to a blood clot. Depending on your procedure, a compression garment may be provided if required to help with blood flow.

Stay hydrated

It is important to stay hydrated after plastic surgery in general, even when traveling! A couple of reason are that after surgery, anesthesia can stay in the body for a short period. Drinking plenty of water can help flush the anesthesia from the system. During recovery, many people also take pain medications that can cause constipation. Water helps the digestive system work more efficiently, reducing this uncomfortable side effect. Dehydration can even raise the risk of blood clots after surgery.

While traveling, it may be easier to forget to drink water consistently, especially due to the fact that sugary and alcoholic beverages are easier and more convenient to obtain. Although tempting, these types of beverages do not provide the same level and quality of hydration that can be obtained by drinking water.

Wear loose-fitting clothing

Binding up is not necessarily the best situation after surgery, unless specifically recommended by your surgeon. As previously mentioned, compression garments (a tight-fitting clothing) may be provided by our clinic to avoid blood pooling in the leg veins. However, it is important to come prepared with comfortable clothing such as pajamas or loose-fitting lounge wear for your post operative care as well as for traveling.

If you are interested in traveling to the greater Austin area for cosmetic surgery, it is vital to learn the safest way to travel to and from your destination, both comfortably and safely! Here is some more important information curated by Synergy Plastic Surgery, exclusively for our out of town patients.

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