Treat Neck Fat & Get Rid of Turkey Neck by Thanksgiving!

Visible changes in the neck area tend to appear rather unexpectedly. Some may find that one day everything is fine, your jawline is taut and defined, and the next, something just looks… off. It can be loose skin or the onset of a sag, but once you’ve noticed it, there’s no going back – unless you speak to one of our board-certified plastic surgeons!

Often, the neck area is typically the first part of aging that becomes evident and begins to really bother someone. However, the neck is often the last area of your face to age! The stages of aging actually start at the very top. The first stage of facial aging often begins in the corners of the brow, which start to come down a tad. Later you may notice the mid-face drop. At this point, you may start to see a squaring off and jowling along the jawline, as well as a loss of firmness and contour.

Once gravity starts to take its toll on our faces, there’s no magic neck cream, facial exercise (read more on how those chewing trends you see online are inaccurate here) or sculpting device that will have much of a visible, lasting impact. While patients can improve tone on the neck, the amount of collagen and elastin in the neck skin is less than most other areas on the body. Patients find that they can’t really tighten that area up that much, unless they move to the more surgical end of the spectrum.

Luckily, the technology and education for the neck area continues to advance, and there are a few popular in-office procedures that can offer corrective results!

Today we will the options available to resolve turkey neck:

Noninvasive treatments

For candidates that do not wish to opt for an invasive surgery, Synergy Plastic Surgery offers minimally invasive treatments that focus on the upper level of the neck without addressing the entirety of the area.

  • CoolSculpting is a unique body sculpting procedure that uses a method known as cryolipolysis to freeze away fat on the body. By eliminating the fat beneath the chin and along the neck, you can experience more beautiful neck contours. CoolSculpting for the chin can target these stubborn fat cells to unveil a more sculpted you!
  • Filler is another temporary option that can resolve very fine, superficial lines.
  • Botox can be used to treat the vertical band-like lines on your neck by relaxing the neck muscle, making the skin appear more relaxed.

Our experienced registered nurses offer personalized Medspa consultations, where we assess your unique anatomy and goals to develop the best plan of action.


Liposuction sculpts away unwanted fat deposits that can remain despite a healthy lifestyle. It is not designed to be a weight-loss method. One of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the nation, liposuction can improve your appearance from top to bottom in many ways, including to sculpt and define the jawline, chin, and neck.

Liposuction to the jawline is performed with a cannula to remove extra fat underneath the chin. The results are a permanently chiseled jaw and neckline!

Neck Lift

Neck lift surgery by our Austin plastic surgeons smooths and improves the neck for a youthful-looking profile that still looks very natural. Neck lift surgery is generally an outpatient procedure, and your doctor gives you a detailed timeline prior to your procedure.

Once you are anesthetized, your doctor typically makes a few small incisions beneath your chin or behind your ears. Once healed, these incisions are very discreet. Your physician surgically tightens loose muscles and may remove excess fat. They will also trim away excessive skin for a smoother contour. There are several different surgical approaches your doctor can take that are dependent on the specific concerns you’d like to address, and they’ll give you a better idea about what’s appropriate for you before your surgery.

Choosing a Treatment That’s Right For You

Speaking to a board-certified plastic surgeon is always the correct and necessary first step to any procedure, but especially the neck. Our board-certified surgeons advise extra caution with procedures concerning the neck. At your personalized consultation, our board-certified surgeons will conduct a clinical examination to reveal key factors about a candidate’s viability, including the elasticity or inelasticity of the skin, the amount of extra fat underneath the chin and the visibility of the platysma muscle.

The best method of action for an individual depends on the individual’s anatomy and desires!

At Synergy Plastic Surgery, our board-certified plastic surgeons offer extensive knowledge and experience to ensure your aesthetic goals are met and your safety is prioritized.

If you are considering a neck lift, or have questions about non invasive neck treatments, call (512) 244-1444 to schedule your complimentary consultation today!

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