My TV Debut on TLC’s Skin Tight

If you’ve been following along with Synergy Plastic Surgery on Facebook and Twitter, you know how passionate I am about my latest project, TLC’s new show Skin Tight. I am thrilled to have my Austin practice highlighted, and I’m even more honored to be an integral part of such incredible patient transformations.

The show was inspired by TLC’s hit My 600-lb Life and shares the next chapter of some participants’ weight loss journeys. For individuals who have undergone gastric bypass surgery or a significant shift in lifestyle, a common side effect is, unfortunately, unwanted skin that is left behind. This constant reminder of the lifestyle they’ve overcome spurs patients to want to reveal the bodies they’ve worked so hard for, and that’s where I come in.

Photo credit: TLC

Photo credit: TLC

As a plastic surgeon, reconstructive procedures following massive weight loss are challenging, but they are definitely some of the most rewarding treatments I perform. Weight loss patients commonly undergo a combination of procedures including upper arm lift, breast lift, tummy tuck, thigh and buttock lift, or liposuction. For patients like Tim (my patient featured in the Skin Tight season premiere), multiple major surgeries are required for optimal results. While each individual treatment plan is incredibly different, in the end, my ultimate goal is to help patients feel the confidence they deserve. Now with 17 pounds of skin removed, Tim is able to continue his fitness endeavors and actively participate in his young daughters’ lives.

Photo credit: TLC

Photo credit: TLC

This season, there will be successes and complications, tears of discomfort and of joy, and in the end, life-changing transformations, both physical and emotional. Along the way, I’ll be right there, sharing my thoughts and support for these incredible people and, of course, to answer any questions you might have about the process.

Catch Skin Tight on TLC on Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. CST and be sure to follow along on Twitter using #SkinTight. Have a question or comment about the show? I want to hear from you in the comment section below!


25 Responses to My TV Debut on TLC’s Skin Tight

  • Nan Stockard says:

    I started following Synergy Plastics well before the series started as I anticipate needing some procedures in the future. I was really excited to see that the plastic surgeon I want to use is a “star” of the show. I’ve been telling my friends to watch Skin Tight as Dr Kerr is the surgeon I want to work on me! I’m just a little worried that with fame it will be harder to get an appointment and prices will skyrocket!!!! I hope this will be a TV series that will continue beyond this season.

    • Staff at Synergy says:

      Hi Nan,
      Thanks so much for taking the time to read Dr. Kerr’s latest post. Patient care is, first and foremost, Dr. Kerr’s main priority so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation: https://www.synergyplasticsurgery.com/contact.cfm We’re thrilled to hear that you are enjoying the incredible stories on ‘Skin Tight’. Stay tuned for more amazing patient journeys.

  • tyvincie Shealey says:

    I wanted to know does the patients on your show pay for the surgeries they have? How do you apply to be on the show?

  • Sharon Gaters says:

    I would very much like to learn more about being a candidate for your show as I have lost over165 pounds

  • Theresa Williams says:

    I have lost slot of weight,I had gastric by pass and I have unwanted skin.i cannot find anyone to remove the skin.i would love to see if you can help me.i pray you can

    • Staff at Synergy Plastic Surgery says:

      Hi Anna,
      A Body lift is approx. $15,000-$20,000 depending on what is needed

  • Concetta says:

    I see that someone already asked this question, but it was not answered. Who pays for the surgeries when they are for the show Skin Tight?

    • Staff at Synergy Plastic Surgery says:

      Hi Concetta,
      Thanks for your question! TLC pays for patients’ procedures if they are accepted.
      You can apply for the show by sending an email to [email protected]

  • Jacquetta says:

    Hi my name is jacquetta and I was wondering if y’all can fix my stomach three years ago they put me on a medication that hadn’t gained 60 pounds in a month and a half the doctors were supposed to monitor my weight because his medicine was long today I’m healthy weight and now I’m just stuck behind skin on my stomach I want arms on my legs and I was wondering if you could please please please contact me at 513-378-5900 I don’t have a problem with everybody said how I look now because I know but you’ll make me look like like I’m supposed to look and I’m ready for that so please help me

    • Staff at Synergy Plastic Surgery says:

      Hi Jacquetta,
      Thank you so much for reaching out and sharing your story. We hope you will forward this on to the casting department at TLC: [email protected]

      We wish you all the best, including happiness and health!
      -Dr. Kerr & team

  • Jacquetta says:

    I said before the medication that the dr. Put me on medication that had me gain 60 pounds in a month and a half even though the doctors were supposed to be monitoring but they didn’t monitor my weight on this medication my weight they did not do so I have a hanging stomach my breast and my stomach is hanging and it’s all because of the medication that they put me on which again the doctors did not monitor like the medication bottle instructed them to do I had no idea that this medicine will cause such weight gain or I would have refused it they didn’t give me an option I gave me no option at all and it hurts and now everytime I look in the mirror I’m just got it so I try not to look in the mirror every time I put on clothes I’m just stressed it so I try not to come out the house unless it’s necessary somebody please help me I need skin tight to help me would you help me these doctors were supposed to to monitor the medication because it was known to have a tremendous amount of weight on your body and I can’t t do anything to get the the skin off I can’t do anything is just looks terrible please help me be beautiful please help me enjoy my body again please help me with my self-esteem because I have no self esteem I try not to go outside I don’t have clothes that I can wear to cover it up please help me I want to be on the show and show everybody what I look like now because I know that when you finish with me I am going to look like a bombshell

  • Chrystal Murphy-Tadlock says:

    I am finally loosing weight after trying everything for the past three years. I’ve had a saggy belly for 7 years because I had to have an emergency surgery due to 3 lt of fluid building up. I got as big as 320 pounds and im loosing it fast now. For one that big how much should they loose before thinking of having surgery to remove the saggy skin?

    • Staff at Synergy Plastic Surgery says:

      Hi Chrystal,
      Thanks so much for your question and congratulations on your recent weight loss! For a safe operation, we require a BMI of less than 35.

    • Staff at Synergy Plastic Surgery says:

      Hi there! I’m so sorry but we don’t have the answer for you. We hope you will forward this on to the casting department at TLC: [email protected]

      Thanks for your question!

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