Utah Plastic Surgeons speak out about “Fake Plastic Surgeons” in their community

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As a follow-up to my last post on “cosmetic surgeons” branding themselves as actual plastic surgeons I would like to share this photo out of Utah.

I trained for years at the University of Utah in all aspects of plastic surgery. For many years Salt Lake City held the title of the highest per capita number of breast augmentation surgeries performed in the United States.  Our residency program was accredited and I am a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

In Utah as in Austin several physicians have begun operating on patients under the guise of being a plastic surgeon.  Most of these doctors are “board certified” but on close inspection you will see that the certification actually has nothing to do with plastic surgery.  I am hopeful that Austin plastic surgeons will be able to band together as our friends in Utah have to educate the public on the dangers these doctors present to patients and the community as a whole.

-Mahlon A. Kerr, MD, FACS

Diplomat, American Board of Plastic Surgery

Member, American Society of Plastic Surgeons

Fellow, American College of Surgeons

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