What Causes Eyebrows to Sag & How to Treat It

Many may have heard that the eyes are the centerpiece to your face. While they are an important and delicate central feature, the significant impact that the eyebrows make on your appearance is often overlooked! Your eyebrows ultimately define your look. Your eyebrows are key to expressing and communicating emotion while also defining the look of your eyes.

Eyebrow lift surgery at Synergy Plastic Surgery is performed with skill, innovation, and expertise in order to aid in managing the inevitable results of aging – creating a younger, more refreshed, and natural you!

As with any surgery, your choice to move forward with eyebrow lift surgery is very personal, and it is vital to ensure that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision! Read on to learn more about the benefits of eyebrow lift surgery, and all it entails.

Reasons for Eyebrow Lift Surgery

Facial Symmetry

According to a study, The Evolutionary Advantage theory, “symmetrical faces are perceived as more attractive. Everyone’s genes are designed to develop a face perfectly symmetrical, but as we grow, develop, and then age” imperfection is caused in our appearance. A brow lift is effective for treating unevenness in your eyebrows, creating a more youthful, attractive look. This treatment can make a vast difference, on not only your appearance, but to your facial expressions as well.

Lift Sagging Skin

While most aim to maintain a natural youthful look, aging is inevitable, and the result is sagging skin. Sunken, drooping eyebrows can create a tired, unrested appearance. This sag is caused by the disintegration of collagen deposits that were previously under your eyebrows. This loss of collagen over the years causes the eyebrow to slowly separate from the brow bone, resulting in extra sagging skin and wrinkles below the brow – you can thank gravity for the rest. This sag can often cause the brow to droop over the eye and can even physically impair your vision! Patients who are experiencing severe sagging and vision impairment can enjoy a lifetime of better vision, with immediate and often permanent results.

Smooth Fine Lines and Wrinkles

As previously stated, the loss of collagen due to aging can inevitably lead to the creation of fine lines and wrinkles around your eyebrows and eyes. These areas include above the eye and under the eyebrow, the crow’s feet, and sagging skin around your eyes. These fine lines and wrinkles are the cause of a less youthful appearance. Brow lift surgery is an effective procedure, not only for restoring your youthful glow in a natural appearing way, but for boosting your confidence in your own skin!

As shown above, this Synergy Plastic Surgery patient underwent eyebrow lift surgery to correct sagging brows and experienced an improvement in her appearance and vision. Our board-certified plastic surgeons delivered beautiful, natural results that left her looking and feeling younger and refreshed.

What does eyebrow lift surgery entail?

Brow lift surgery, although performed to raise drooping, sunken eyebrows, is also known as a forehead lift due to the way the surgery is performed. Generally, during an eyebrow procedure, the skin on the forehead is raised to achieve smoother skin, correct sagging eyebrows, and improving fine lines and wrinkles. The eyebrows are surgically raised, creating an aesthetically pleasing arch, and creating a more youthful appearance. Furthermore, brow lift surgery can be paired with a blepharoplasty, which is the surgery of the upper eyelid surgery, as well as face lifts. While this is a general description of the procedure, there are different types of eyebrow lifts:

Types of Brow Lifts

1. Classic (coronal) brow lift

The coronal lift was previously the traditional type of eyebrow lift procedure that was often opted for, however it has since been superseded by less-invasive techniques that have now become available. However, this procedure may be used in certain cases to achieve your aesthetic goals. The classic (coronal) brow lift involves one single, long incision behind the hairline, extending from ear to ear. The excess skin, fat, and tissue are removed. The remaining skin and brow muscles are then repositioned to obtain a more youthful appearance!

2. Temporal or limited-incision brow lift

This procedure is often paired together with blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery. The temporal brow lift involves several incisions above each temple, as well as behind the hairline. The outer eyebrow is then lifted and repositioned through the incisions. The area between the eyes and eyebrows are lifted through the incisions to perfect and raise the upper eyelids while permanently eliminate frown lines.

3. Endoscopic brow lift

At Synergy Plastic Surgery, this is the standard choice for restoring a rested, youthful, and more confident you! Our board-certified plastic surgeons opt for endoscopic brow lift technique due to their undeniable results and less invasive nature. During this procedure, our surgeons make several tiny incisions behind the hairline in order to minimize the appearance of visible scars. The muscles and tissue are then repositioned, and excess tissue is removed to treat sagging or drooping skin.

If you are ready to move forward in restoring a more youthful glow, and confidence in your own skin, our board-certified plastic surgeons offer complimentary consultations where your unique anatomy is assessed to tailor your own personalized surgical plan! To schedule yours today, call our Austin area plastic surgery office at (512) 244-1444. Our board-certified plastic surgeons provide a combination of several facial plastic surgeries including blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), facelifts, rhinoplasty, and brow lifts (including endoscopic brow lifts) for patients located in Austin, Texas and neighboring Texas communities like Cedar Park, Leander, Georgetown, Killeen, Round Rock, and Pflugerville.

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