What implant size is right for me?

Synergy Plastic Surgery

Instead of using bra sizes, doctors and other medical professionals measure breast implants using cc, or cubic centimeters. As many women know, commercial bra sizes can vary greatly from brand to brand.  In general Victoria’s secret is that the bras run small so keep this in mind both before and after surgery if you shop there.  Using cubic centimeters allows for a much more precise, reliable measurement. Having a desired cup size in mind is a good starting point, though.

Although it’s common for prospective patients to look to celebrities and other people as inspiration for their own breast augmentations, it’s important to remember that each body is unique. What looks good on one woman may look completely different on another woman of a different height, weight, or body type.

We encourage our Round Rock and Austin breast augmentation patients to take their time with this and other decisions related to their surgeries.  In order to find an implant that will best match your expectations we use a special sizing system during all of our breast augmentation consultations.  I have found that using a sizing system is the most accurate way for patients to get a glimpse of how they might look after surgery.  I encourage you to bring your spouse or a friend to help you with this choice and we always size more than once before picking the volume that’s right for you.  To learn more about breast augmentation visit our website at www.synergyplasticsurgery.com.  We have one of the largest photo galleries in Austin and looking at past patients with body types similar to your own is also a good way to start thinking about implant sizes.

-Mahlon A. Kerr, MD, FACS

Diplomat, American Board of Plastic Surgery

Member, American Society of Plastic Surgery

Fellow, American College of Surgeons

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