When Is Breast Augmentation Revision Needed?

I have had many women visit my practice in Austin because they’re interested in breast augmentation revision surgery. My patients are interested in this surgery for a few reasons, but it’s generally either to increase the size of their implants or to resolve any unexpected complications.

Breast augmentation revision surgery is very beneficial for many women but, before you decide if a revision is right for you, please consider the following:

“Revision surgery” is often simply switching out implants.

Some of my patients have decided that they want to change the size of their implants, while other patients have a desire to switch from saline to silicone gel.

Whatever your reason, it’s important that you choose the right plastic surgeon who is aware of your needs and has experience working with scar tissue and stretched skin. Your surgeon will also need to be prepared for any changes to your chest anatomy brought on from your primary breast augmentation procedure.

Dr. Ross Blagg and I have been exposed to many different types of situations, and we have developed the expertise needed to successfully perform a revision procedure.

Breast augmentation revision is nonnegotiable if you start noticing visible complications. Some visible complications include rippling or wrinkling, a “uniboob” appearance, or a double-bubble. These are signs that something has gone wrong, and a revision is really the only option. I will also recommend considering a breast revision if the implant is sitting too high, too low, or too far to the side.

Saline implants can leak or tear, and this causes deflation that becomes immediately noticeable. Silicone gel implants can tear, too, but an imaging test is required to confirm because the cohesive gel allows it to retain its shape, even if a tear develops.

If a tear has occurred, Dr. Blagg and I will replace the implants at our Stonegate Plastic Surgery Center. Keep in mind that a complication like this, while troubling, is also an opportunity to reconsider all your implant options.

Different techniques are used for different reasons during a breast augmentation revision.

  • If weight fluctuations, pregnancy, or aging have made my patients breasts less perky, then I may recommend that you consider combining your procedure with a breast lift.
  • If rippling is present, then I recommend changing the location of your implant.
  • If you want to prevent visible rippling with a more natural look, we may discuss using the Strattice™ internal bra, which will provide support for the implants and help promote tissue growth.

Finally, we advise caution and patience: If you have recently had your primary breast augmentation procedure and you are considering breast revision, we recommend waiting a minimum of 6 months before scheduling a revision procedure. I would also like to note that if you are planning to have a baby, I would recommend delaying your revision surgery. If you are still unsure about breast augmentation revision surgery, don’t worry! That’s why we’re here. During your consultation, we can help you fully understand the procedure, and we will provide you with all the options to help you decide what’s right for you.

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