High Profile vs Moderate Profile Breast Implants?

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Choosing the right breast implant for breast augmentation is important to my Austin-area patients. From size and shape to content and profile, implants offer a variety of options. One option in particular, the implant’s profile, is a common topic on sites like RealSelf.com. This recent question on RealSelf.com is a good example:

“Hello I am 5’4 about 101lbs and would like to get 350-375cc but do not want them to be too wide. Would a moderate plus be too wide for me? What is difference between this and high profile? I know projection but is this the type that is more round and little less natural”?

This is not an uncommon question. Breast augmentation and differing implant profiles can be frustrating for patients just starting to investigate options available to them.

Should I get moderate or high profile implants?

In general, the implant profile is something your surgeon chooses to have the best fit within your current breast shape, volume, and to best meet your goals.

Many petite women like the one in this question will benefit from a higher profile implant. This will allow her to obtain the implant size she likes while keeping the implant within her current breast boundaries as best as possible. The difference between a moderate and high profile implant of the same size will not greatly affect the overall breast appearance but can help in some cases with preventing laterally displaced implants and possibly visible rippling in some patients.

How do I choose the right size implant?

For most patients, I recommend focusing on the size of implant you like as the primary question. At Synergy Plastic Surgery we use a sizing system that is very accurate at estimating how you will look after breast augmentation surgery. Remember that the final implant size may vary a few cc so that we can find a brand and profile that best fits your anatomy. (You can learn more about breast implant sizes and cc in a related blog post.)

To get an idea of the size of implant that suits your goals, you can take a look at some of my breast augmentation patients’ before-and-after photos. We list the size of the implant used in the photo case details. Of course, every person’s build is different so what looks good on one person may look too large or too small on another.

Taking Measurements to Find the Right Profile

After we have an idea of the cc volume that will meet your expectations, I go to work.  During your examination, we will take several measurements of your breasts. I then use those measurements to determine if the implant needs to be taller and have more projection (high profile, usually only a few centimeters taller than the next lower profile) or should be less tall and more wide (moderate or the middle ground moderate-plus profile in some brands). Occasionally one or another brand of implant will fit your anatomy best, and I often take advantage of these differences to make sure my patient gets the best outcome possible.

Other Breast Augmentation Considerations

During your exam, we’ll also discuss other issues and options that may improve your breast augmentation results. In some cases, for example, it may be necessary to perform a breast lift at the same time as the breast augmentation to create the best results.

If you’re ready to discuss your breast augmentation options with plastic surgeons in Austin, TX, we’re here to help. You can request a consultation using our online contact form or by calling us at (512) 244-1439 (Austin) or (512) 244-1444 (Round Rock).

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