What to Expect After a Breast Lift With Implants

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Combining a breast lift with implants at our plastic surgery practice in Austin offers double the benefits when it comes to breast enhancement. By both increasing the size of the breasts and improving their shape, the surgery delivers a comprehensive transformation that can boost your body confidence to a new level. But what is it really like to undergo the surgery, and how is it different from undergoing each procedure on its own?

In this blog post, I’d like to take a closer look at the recovery and results you can expect from a combined breast augmentation and lift.

Will I be sore after a breast lift with implants?

You may have some soreness and swelling initially, though everyone’s tolerance for discomfort is different. However, any soreness typically resolves in the first week or so and is managed well with medication.

As is the case with breast augmentation performed on its own, you will likely feel some tightness in your chest as your skin and other tissues adjust to the implants. This is temporary. The feeling of tightness will fade along with any discomfort.

How long is recovery after a breast lift with implants?

You’ll likely be able to return to work within about a week and resume exercise after 4 to 6 weeks. Your exact timeline will depend on the physical demands of your job.

Will my bra size change after a breast augmentation and lift?

Your bra size will change as both the shape and size of your breasts will be altered.  You’ll benefit from a professional fitting to make sure you’re supporting and flattering your new figure as effectively as possible. Learn more about bra shopping after breast surgery in our previous blog post.

What will my breast augmentation and lift scars look like?

Your scarring will depend on which breast lift incision your surgeon uses. Options include:

  • Doughnut or concentric: Around the areola
  • Circumvertical, vertical, or lollipop: Around the areola and straight down to the breast crease
  • Anchor, or inverted T: Around the areola, straight down to the breast crease, and along the breast crease

The approach used is a choice you and your surgeon will discuss in-depth at your consultation. No matter the placement, your scars will flatten and fade over time.

When will I see my full results after a breast lift with implants?

It may take 2 to 3 months for your implants to drop or settle into place. Until then, your breasts may appear high and tight on the chest, but this is temporary.

How long will my breast augmentation and lift results last?

The surgery provides long-lasting improvements, but it does not stop the aging process altogether. Many women opt for a revision after 10 to 15 years to update their implants and correct any drooping that occurs over time.

To see examples of the results you can expect after a breast lift with implants at Synergy Plastic Surgery, please visit our before-and-after photo gallery.

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