Marisela’s Breast Lift With Implant & Tummy Tuck


Many women who choose Synergy Plastic Surgery in Austin, TX, share stories similar to Marisela’s. “I wasn’t really comfortable in my own skin,” she says. Marisela, who lives in Buda, TX, has a teenage daughter and counts exercise as her main hobby. “I was not happy with what I saw in the mirror.”

She made the decision to schedule a plastic surgery consultation to learn about her options for restoring her breasts and abdomen. Like many patients, Marisela had spent countless hours online researching procedures and plastic surgeons in the Round Rock and Austin areas. Her exploration included surgeons’ websites, social media sites, and other online resources.

“One of the other things I did before scheduling any consultations was look at before-and-after photos,” Marisela says. “I looked at so many. That’s what ultimately led me to choose Synergy.”

Meeting Dr. Bekanich

At Synergy, Marisela met with Dr. Amy Bekanich, a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in Mommy Makeover procedures. They decided that Marisela could benefit from a breast lift combined with augmentation and a tummy tuck. In other words, a classic Mommy Makeover.

“Even though I didn’t really worry about what other people would think about me getting this procedure, I didn’t talk to anyone about it, either,” says Marisela, who works in the service industry. “I never really thought much about cosmetic surgery, one way or the other, before having my child. I didn’t contemplate having plastic surgery before my daughter was born.”

But pregnancy changed her body in a way the exercise or dieting alone couldn’t fix, which led her to make the choice to undergo surgery in October 2018.

“When the day of the surgery arrived, I was excited because it was finally going to happen,” says Marisela. The recovery, she says, was a little more difficult than she expected. The post-surgical swelling didn’t really go down until 6 to 8 weeks after the surgery. But once that occurred and she saw the results, she knew the surgery had been successful.

“I’m finally able to wear the clothes I love without a body shaper!”

Marisela says she’s no longer worried about the belly pooch she once had or about her stretch marks showing. And, she says, all the credit goes to Dr. Bekanich.

“She doesn’t just perform plastic surgery,” Marisela says. “She makes art. She works with the body and she doesn’t settle for anything less than perfection. Dr. Amy not only changed my body, but she changed my life.”

Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.