Mary Ellen’s Facelift

Mary Ellen

As an interior designer and visual merchandiser, Mary Ellen understands the importance of appearances.

“I have always believed that cosmetic surgery or even nonsurgical procedures are tools to help you feel your best,” Mary Ellen says. “Like they say, ‘if you look good, you feel good.’ Heck, you fix the dents in your car, don’t you?”

As someone who had always been forthright about expressing her desire to look her best, Mary Ellen started thinking about getting cosmetic plastic surgery with her 60th birthday on the horizon.

“I’ve always exercised and eaten healthy,” says Mary Ellen. “I like to hike and swim to stay in shape, but as I approached my 60th birthday, I realized that plastic surgery would be the best option to tighten sagging skin and improve the appearance of my tired-looking eyes.”

Mary Ellen, who’s been married for 33 years and has 3 children in their 20s, shared her decision with her loved ones. “Of course, my husband, children, and close friends didn’t think I needed any help in looking beautiful, but they were supportive of my decision to have surgery.”

Finding a Surgeon Who’s Right for You

She began contacting plastic surgery practices in the Austin area, where she lives, and got in touch with one where Dr. Amy Bekanich worked not long before she joined Synergy Plastic Surgery. Mary Ellen had researched several surgeons and Dr. Bekanich’s training and accomplishments impressed her. She said it’s important to do your homework to find a doctor that’s right for you and one that is board-certified and has good referrals. Dr. Bekanich checked all those boxes, and more.

“When I discovered she was practicing at Synergy, I immediately called an made an appointment.” She says she knew from that initial phone call that Synergy and Dr. Bekanich (who she calls “Dr. B”) were a great fit for her.

“We set up a consultation and got things rolling right away,” she says. “My consultation with Dr. B was wonderful and I related my story of chasing her down after she had left the other practice. I felt extremely comfortable talking to her and describing my goals.”

During her research, she reviewed before-and-after photos on Synergy’s website that helped her visualize the outcome she wanted.

“I was nervous, excited, and ready on the day of the surgery,” she says. “My only worry prior to surgery was that I wouldn’t look natural, but Dr. B reassured me that all would be great.”

Natural-Looking Results Are the Key

Mary Ellen says she actually didn’t have much pain during the recovery. The primary discomfort involved adjusting her sleeping habits.

“I opted for the La-Z-Boy recliner for the first week or 2 in order to keep my head elevated,” she says. She said Synergy provided her with detailed instructions on wound care and that she maintained all her follow-up appointments. Once the major swelling subsided after about a week, she began noticing the results emerge. Some bruising remained for about 2 weeks, but after 3 weeks she returned to work wearing a little makeup.

“Those who knew I had the surgery were quite curious and loved the results,” says Mary Ellen. “Those who were unaware simply told me, ‘it must have been a restful vacation!'”

That’s what really shows the success of her surgery, says Mary Ellen.

“I do look 20 years younger, but I don’t look like I’ve had any plastic surgery and that’s the key.”

Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.