Priscilla’s Breast Augmentation


Priscilla had been thinking about getting breast implants for years and the Austin video producer wasn’t shy about her goals at the time.

“I didn’t feel any shame about wanting bigger boobs,” she says. “I didn’t care who knew or what they thought about my plans.”

What she did care about was finding the right plastic surgeon for the operation.

That turned out to be Dr. Amy Bekanich, a board-certified plastic surgeon at our Austin practice who specializes in cosmetic breast surgery at Synergy Plastic Surgery. Priscilla says she was felt a connection to Dr. Bekanich from the outset.

“I knew from my first consultation that Dr. B is a perfectionist,” she says. “That’s one of the reasons I chose her. She’s very specific about things, she’s very smart, you can just tell she knows what she’s doing.”

In fact, says Priscilla, her entire experience at Synergy can be summed up in one word: “Perfect.”

Priscilla, a mother of 2 boys who enjoys swimming, taking her dogs for walks, and photography, says she spent time online researching breast augmentation and Austin plastic surgeons, as well as looking at before-and-after photos and reading reviews written by patients. She also wanted to know the risks and says she even watched the “Botched” television series to see how things could go wrong.

She arrived for her consultation and was impressed by the office and the professionalism of everyone.

“You know they’re going to take good care of you.”

Priscilla described her recovery as easy and without complications.

“I was a bit bored,” she says, “but it was nice to be pampered.”

Most breast augmentation patients at Synergy only need a few days of downtime before they’re back at work but it takes a bit longer for the implants to settle and to see the final outcome of the procedure. Priscilla says she wasn’t disappointed.

“I knew the results were just what I wanted when everybody thought I had perfect boobs,” she says. “They look real but are really big.”

Just as she wanted.

Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.